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Travel Write for us for brings an excellent opportunity to the travel bloggers, freelancers, expedition enthusiasts, tourists, writers, explorers, new authors to ‘write for us travel‘ and to share your experiences, adventures, stories, expeditions, knowledge, awareness on famous tourist destinations and everything concerned about them on our global platform.

Writing on travel topics is a vibrant and innovative art of expressing a plethora of beautiful, peaceful, adventurous and unique tourist spots to explore by small communities and families or holiday destinations to give a break from the routine and enjoy the life or family resorts to spend quality time or romantic honeymoon places for the newlyweds and couple travellers or educational tours and excursions for the students and many more.

Travelling is a great stress buster and a source to get aware of the untraveled and unknown places of the world. Single travellers or first-time travellers or anybody for that matter tend to search about the places they would like to visit on search engines to get acquainted. We aspire to provide our lively and high-spirited readers with the complete guidance of budget-friendly and captivating travel destinations.

Make The Most Out Of Your Contribution

We are looking forward to the exclusive and remarkable contributions covering all the details from the commencement of the journey. This works for our mutual benefit as your quality articles are published on our reputed website. You can get a backlink to your blog. Thus you can rank better, and also, you can witness organic traffic to your site. We share the article on our social media platforms, and we do email marketing campaigns to build your portfolio among varied audiences. please get in touch with us at our official mail id

Topics We Consider Accepting – Travel Write For Us

The travel and tourism industry has changed a lot over the years. Due to the advancement in transportation and hassle-free facilities, international and local travel is increasing daily. We don’t love boring and monotonous itinerary articles but content that is more of a friendly, valuable and informative travel guide. To be more specific about what we expect, just go through the below topics for a better idea.

Best Tourist Places

You can write on fascinating tourist destinations around the world and mention the details concerning them like

  • The best places to visit with family, friends, partners, kids, elderly
  • The best time of the year to visit
  • Safe places to stay and eat
  • The prominence of the place
  • Available transportation
  • Weather condition
  • Proper timings to visit to avoid excessive crowds
  • Budget of the trip and low-cost alternatives
  • The scenario of the places to visit one by one.

City Or Country Specific Places

You can exclusively write about famous and historical cities to visit. The popular city attractions, hotels of all budget ranges, the temples, museums, amusement parks, national parks, historical monuments and many other exclusive spots that travellers would love to visit. Do not forget to mention the timings and the entry fee to these sites.

Road Trips

Road trips are more of an exuberant journey than a destination with few halts. It is an enjoyable and enthusiastic ride anyone loves to experience. To make it happen requires perfect planning, and you can voice your latest road trip experiences with details such as the route maps, condition of the road, halting points, timing of the travel, notable streaks, etc.

Other Travel Places

You can also show your expertise on other travel topics like safe trekking and hiking, reviews on resorts and hotels, reviews on the specialities of specific places, articles on travel apps and gadgets, and many more.

Traveller Experience

If you are an experienced traveller or person with good travel knowledge, consider mentioning a few important travel tips in your article, which would greatly help our readers. Your travel guides and stories may bring a big difference and new experience to our audience.

Guidelines To Submit A Guest Post – Travel Write For Us

If you are willing to collaborate with us by submitting a guest post, follow the specifications below while writing the content.

  • The content you create must be original, factual, genuine and plagiarism free. We do not accept duplicate or copied content.
  • Use attractive titles and subtitles and highlight them. Mark important details with bullets or numbers.
  • Create the content with a minimum of 1000 words.
  • The content must be informative and refrain from boring narrations.
  • The readers must get a happy-go and satisfying experience while reading.
  • The description must be lively as if you are taking through the places.
  • The article must be relevant to the blog that is travel write for us.
  • Use 2 to 3 quality images taken by you or from trusted sources that are free from copyrights.
  • The images must be clean and clear. Ensure that the incorporated images must be downloaded quickly without delay so that the visitors do not get uninterested.
  • Add an author bio in the article in about 80 to 100 words and attach a backlink.
  • Do not waste your time if the outbound link is non-contextual or promotional, as reject them.

How To Submit Your Article?

If you are well versed with the given rules and suggestions and are sure to contribute a unique guest post, then please feel free to drop your content at our official email id in the form of a word document or Google docs or drive.

When Do You Publish My Article?

Once your article reaches us, our editorial team verifies it for accuracy and authenticity. We may edit or make a few changes as per the blog’s requirement and contact you within 4 to 5 working days. If everything is set, then we will go ahead with publication. We will share the link with you.

As a reputed global platform, we get many guest posts on travel, and we make a lot of refinements to choose the best among them.

The way the world is travelling today is remarkably advanced with new trends and optimized services. Yet, there are new challenges to confront by the voyagers. So, we reiterate that we prioritize our posts to be pristine and pure. Travelling to new places helps build new relations, know new cultures, and get new experiences that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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