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Advertising With Stickers: How To Do It

How to advertise with stickers? The stickers are extremely versatile, and allow you to build extremely effective marketing campaigns. These are very often simple, low-cost campaigns, which, however, if studied well, can become viral, with a consequent reflection on social media and in general in the offline world. Why? Simple: when a sticker is positioned in the right way and manages to attract the attention of the public with the spirit or with a strong message, it will most likely be picked up by the same audience on the web.

But how many and what types of customizable stickers are there? Here is a taste of the main types!

Advertising with stickers: the types of stickers

  • Classic stickers: let’s start with the classic stickers, i.e. the small-sized stickers that can be attached to any flat surface. In this case, usually, they are stickers to be distributed to the public, even better if during events: it all lies in understanding what the typical context will be in which those stickers will be glued, which depends above all on the sector of the company that distributes. A restaurant company will see its stickers attached especially in that area, the music company will have stickers that will be glued on guitars and cases, the automotive company will see its stickers in workshops and cars, and so on.
  • Window decals: window decals are obviously stickers intended to be glued on glass, and especially on shop windows. Personalized window decals are sometimes used as fixed decorations, but even more often they are used temporarily for sales, promotions, or special periods, such as Christmas or Easter, to create themed windows.
  • Car stickers: why not use your company means to advertise your brand? In this way, you will be able to count on a very generous printing surface, which will be seen every day by many people, in the most diverse places. Adhesives for vehicles are obviously designed to be applied in a simple way and to last a long time, resisting both atmospheric agents and the friction of the air during travel.
  • Adhesives for walls: there are also the walls for adhesives, or better, the wall stickers. These are stickers designed to be easily applied on plastered surfaces and not perfectly smooth and homogeneous, as are usually the walls. Wall stickers can be used for advertising purposes, in sales areas or offices, or in particularly busy areas – stations, shopping centers, and so on – or for purely decorative purposes.
  • Pre-spaced stickers: finally there are the pre-spaced stickers. Unlike classic stickers, which therefore have their own background, the pre-spaced sticker is carved into the PVC with a plotter, so as to automatically stand out against any background. It is obviously important, before ordering the customization of pre-spaced stickers, to think well on which background they will be applied, in order not to risk having colors that are too similar, that is, such as not to be able to guarantee the necessary contrast for immediate reading and understanding of the message or image.

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