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9 Tips For Personal Branding

We hear more and more of personal branding: the new way to make people talk about themselves, to enhance themselves, and know-how to sell themselves as a professional.

“Taking care of the Personal Brand means knowing how to enhance oneself, communicate one’s value, make a name for herself, be esteemed and make oneself as visible as possible; in practice: identifying and communicating a reason to be chosen in a market full of competitors. “

But what are the main steps of this strategy? And when can we finally start talking about a defined and clear brand?

In this post, we have collected some tips to make people talk about your brand in a positive, clear way and make users become attached to your business

Who are you?

What characterizes you and differentiates you from others? Your training, character, passions? How do you want others to perceive you and how do you think you are seen? It is useless to talk about everything, to believe that you can be able to excel in everything: it is better to focus on some aspects, cultivate them and make them become your strengths.

What do they say about you?

If you were to ask your closest friend who you are what would he answer? What are the characteristics that would immediately stand out? And what kind of relationship do you have with your colleagues? In this context, online reputation is also not to be forgotten: increasingly decisive and important. If you type your name in Google what are the search engine results? Positive or negative?

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve?

Choose carefully your area of ​​interest, the sector in which you want to be recognized and you want to grow. Choose your promotion channels and the topics of your communication strategy. Be careful not to choose too many: better choose 2, 3 main areas connected to your field. For these aims to become an opinion leader, share news of the market tries to stay updated.

Know your target

Study the people who are interested in your products or services. After that, it will be much easier to write articles that interest your target. For this exercise, Personas are very useful, almost indispensable: create 3 or 5 that correspond to your target.

Build your brand

Choose a name that is easy to remember, define the logo, the font, the corporate colors and all the elements that make up the identity of a brand. Study a way to talk about you and make people talk about you. Tell, expose yourself and you will certainly be reciprocated by the public.

Choose which channel fits your goals best

Optimize, improve the profiles you have, find the ones used most by your target audience and update them frequently, ask questions, find a way to interact. Not being on social media means missing out on a great opportunity to meet people interested in your products. Open a blog, participate in forums, events, buy banners to show your brand.

Build your network of contacts

Search, subscribe, and participate in industry forums, communities of people who talk about the topics that interest you. In these groups, in addition to staying up to date on the market, I could find ideas and ideas to share on your company channels.

Influencers are also important in this sense: those who become real experts in one or more sectors. Influencers are also bloggers. Try to learn from them and build a good, constructive relationship with your brand. But contacts are not only found online. We must continue to work also and above all in the offline world: participate in events, trade fairs that are important for your company.

Create a lot of content and update it often

This is the holy grail of your brand. Fundamental to its growth and longevity. If you don’t create content and promote it, you won’t give people a way to get to know you, connect with you, and choose you. You need space and resources to express yourself, make yourself known. This is why many companies decide to open a blog where they can talk about themselves. The contents will not only serve to make people talk about themselves but also to index the site at the SEO level.

In short… make personal branding a priority

Personal branding is used to build one’s reputation, stand out from competitors, and above all to make people talk about themselves. But to stand out, you need to show why people have to choose you.

Don’t confuse it with self-talk or spam. Remember to be authentic because this is a key trait of being a leader. And like everything in life: Actions speak louder than words – so start becoming recognizable for the things that interest you and that come close to your business goals.

Start now, don’t delay. You will be glad you did.

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