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Benefits Of Automating Business Processes

The automation of business processes should reduce manual work steps. Instead of employees having to deal with the same questions and obstacles over and over again, once a process has been defined, it runs automatically. Digital programs are often used as an aid.

Which processes can be automated?

Basically any process with measurable actions in a prescribed order. There may be conditions within this process, but these require a finite number of options. Or an interface through which individual information such as a name is inserted.

Both back office tasks and externally visible processes can be automated. This includes employee onboarding and deregistration, accounting processes, ordering processes, product manufacture, answers to standard customer service questions or the compilation of statistics. Especially with the latter point, you benefit from the computational accuracy of machines.

Will humans be replaced?

In relation to monotonous tasks, human labor is replaced. But this is the goal: People should be relieved of it. Instead, he can concentrate more on what makes him special: creative ideas and social interaction.

At the same time, specialists are needed who program and control the technology, take care of special cases with sensitivity, or develop new products. The modern labor market requires new skills and qualifications accordingly. But in all likelihood there will be a shortage of skilled workers rather than a surplus, as the Federal Agency for Civic Education writes.

The benefits of business process automation

This is how Business Process Automation can help you.

Creativity and further development instead of routine

If redundant work steps are left to the technology, there is room for creativity and fresh business ideas. Employees may have the opportunity to start their own project for the first time. Boredom due to routine, on the other hand, no longer sets in.

Error avoidance by machines

No matter how well trained or experienced a person is – a (correctly programmed) machine will always work more precisely. Software has the edge, especially when it comes to calculations or sorting. In addition, she does not get tired, so she can continue to work for a long time without breaks with the same quality.

Speed up processes

In addition to being more accurate , computers process information much faster than the human brain. A computer is also active day and night. He does the most time-consuming work. As a result, your team can get to the complex tasks faster and thus complete projects faster overall. This in turn allows you to grow as a company.

Paperless work

At this point we have already addressed the topic. Of course, many manual work steps in which a person clicks and types are also carried out on the computer without paper. However, the increased use of software often means that fewer printed forms and the like are required. Thanks to automation, you also save resources.

Minimize costs

After an initial investment in the introduction, you will save money. Because most programs can be subscribed to and the monthly contributions cost less than an employee who takes on the same tasks or shows the same level of productivity. Training is also included for large companies at Flixcheck and many other providers.

Because, for example, more sales can take place in the shop at the same time if their processing runs automatically, more sales are generated in the same time. The ROI increases through the automation of business processes.

Analysis of the process steps

When the business process is automated, it is broken down into its component parts. This step allows you to identify weaknesses and improve the process that may not have changed in years.

Ask: Does our process still meet modern requirements and customer requests? Do problems always occur in the same place? Is something being duplicated or is a link missing? All of these spots aren’t really noticeable until you start a process from scratch.

Deadline reminder and automatic forwarding

You may be familiar with the reminders that digital calendars or project management software send out when an appointment is due. Such reminders can be built into your automated business processes at any time. For example, an indication that a manual task is due by 12 noon at the latest.

The program could even automatically forward the task to the responsible department. This creates a liability that is only stopped in exceptional cases. Work out a realistic rhythm for this. Your team members should be supported, not rushed.

Better atmosphere in the team

When everyone clearly knows what his or her job is, there is less discussion. Monotonous tasks that depress the mood are eliminated. The potential for disputes is also minimized by avoiding mistakes.

Team members now have more opportunities to express their individual strengths and interests. Give them new, strategic tasks: let them make decisions for the company or develop new concepts. Allow them further training in areas that are far from being carried out by machines on an equal footing. More fun in turn increases performance.

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