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Fleet Management With IoT To Optimize Transport And Routes

Fleet management through technological resources that speed up the tracking of mobile assets is essential for transport companies. It is even so for those who assume with their own vehicles the transfer of their products. Using solutions based on the Internet of Things ( IoT ) for this purpose improves operations and productivity, as well as the safety of drivers and goods. It also allows maintaining communication and locating the fleet and managing it more efficiently.

Next, you will learn how these solutions work and what are all the benefits that you can obtain from them.

How fleet management works with IoT

In summary, fleet management includes a series of procedures to plan and monitor cargo transport operations . For companies in this sector with a considerable number of units, it would be difficult to carry out this follow-up by calling drivers’ mobile phones. It is also not something safe or reliable, because the person cannot answer the mobile while driving. In addition, the person responsible for monitoring would only have the driver as the only source of information to verify compliance with the route, incidents or the state of the vehicle, among others.

The IoT or remote communication between devices is essential in the so-called Industry 4.0 , which is making production processes more efficient. Well-known companies use resources based on this technology both to streamline their manufacturing lines and their entire supply chain. For years, in the logistics sector, IoT has been automating loading and unloading operations, while improving warehouse management.

IoT tools for fleet management

In the topic that interests us, which is the management of transport fleets, IoT tools usually combine all or several of the following elements:

  • Satellite tracking of vehicles using GPS.
  • Telematic systems linked to sensors and GPS trackers are involved. These are special programs that capture data from a telematic tracker to order and display them on the user interface. Therefore, this computer solution is essential to collect this information and interact automatically or from the base with the driver.
  • In parallel, the data obtained by the fleet management generate periodic reports on the performance of vehicles and operators.
  • Systems connected to the vehicle through the tachometer and other measuring devices.

Main functionalities of IoT systems for fleet management

It is true that IoT solutions for fleet management via satellite data transmission are higher cost options. However, they are the most effective for vehicle tracking , especially in remote locations where mobile signals are weak. Since they allow tracking in geographical points where GPRS signals are limited.

In general, IoT systems for fleet management can provide functions such as:

Route monitoring

Those monitoring devices based on IoT allow the fleet manager to determine the exact position of the vehicles . In the same way, it facilitates the verification of the fulfillment of the obligatory stops and the execution of the route in the estimated time. Thus, in case of major incidents, it is possible to send help and restore services as soon as possible to avoid delays in deliveries.

Vehicle status notifications

As we said, through the sensors of the system connected to the vehicles , the fleet management receives constant updates about the status of each vehicle . In particular, warnings of speeding, fuel consumption, engine temperature and performance, as well as tire conditions.

Communication with the driver

They keep the driver informed about instructions, orders, specific routes or new destinations. In addition, the driver can reply to these messages and confirm all these processes.

Route planning

Thanks to real-time traffic information , IoT systems are able to develop and adjust route plans to avoid possible traffic jams and reduce the possibility of delays in reaching the destination.

Merchandise control

For refrigerated cargo units, these tools provide constant monitoring of storage temperature . In this way, they guarantee the proper conservation of the products during the trip. For this purpose, the system sends notifications every time the container doors are opened to avoid breaks in the cold chain.

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