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Improve The Commercial Management Of The Company Using Technology

Whether you work or manage a commercial department or are self-employed, you know that there is no business possible without good commercial performance. One of the fundamental elements for improving this performance and having well-organized commercial management is through the use of new technological tools.

Today we have multiple options, do you dare to discover them?

Training options to learn business management

Online course Technological tools at the service of customer business management

  • Plan the business process and formulate objectives.
  • How to organize the sales management process: the creation of arguments, product sheets.
  • The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a management tool, and guidance to the client (loyalty and proactivity)
  • The application of 2.0 tools in commercial management.

We are going to see each of these aspects in detail:

Commercial planning

Planning is crucial in the company. For your commercial efforts to be successful, it is very important to plan them correctly and direct them to the most appropriate objectives. This does not mean that it is simple, on the contrary, business planning and especially the setting of objectives is one of the phases in which companies stagnate, often due to lack of time and because defining objectives requires a significant effort to specify and reflect. The objectives in themselves are not a guarantee of the success of a business, but their non-existence will undoubtedly lead us to less profitable and effective management of the company.

The analysis of the market, including information on the industry or sector, target market and competition, (concocting a good DAFO -Debilidades, Threats, Strengths, Oportunidades), a good sales forecast, along with hard customer segmentation, will help you decide how to use the resources you have at your disposal to achieve commercial success.

You are now ready to develop your business action plan (CAP), with important decisions such as the sales price, the budget, the sales process and, how you are going to execute it. Do not forget to include your customer value proposition, that is, transform a characteristic of your product or service into a benefit for the customer that you are trying to capture, and take advantage of the multiple sources of customer acquisition based on new technologies (Blogs, Social networks, SEM, Banners, newsletters …). It also organizes the sales process by developing a good argument, preparing the business interview, and using control and measurement tools for business planning.

CRM as a business management tool

As you can see, commercial management is part of a delicate ecosystem in which all the parts of the gear must be well coupled with each other. To help you, you have a fundamental tool: CRM, customer relationship management tools, which will help you to control all the procedures with real and potential clients and to program the commercial agenda.

Today, CRMs tend to be part of the computer systems of most companies, many of them integrated into ERPs and with functionalities to link with social networks (especially Linkedin). It is a magnificent tool to control detailed customer information and undoubtedly helps salespeople to improve their efficiency and their sales process.

According to a report by Salesforce (one of the main CRMs), its use increases the productivity of the company by 30% and its main applications are:

  • Customer Support.
  • Integration with administrative management
  • Relational marketing
  • Commercial management
  • Access and delegation

Among the most valued CRMs on the market are the aforementioned Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics, although there are many affordable solutions for SMEs that can be adapted to the characteristics of each company.

Tools 2.0 for customer management

Finally, during the course, we will also discover many other technological tools that will help us in our commercial work.

  • Email marketing tools (Mailchimp, Acumbamail)
  • Time management tools (Evernote, Trello, Google Keep and GCalendar, Outlook)
  • Tools for surveys and forms (Google Forms, Survio, SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro, Typeform)
  • Creation of newsletters to achieve linkage.
  • Technological tools for benchmarking (Similarweb, Buzzsumo)
  • Google tools (Ads, Trends, Analytics)
  • Social networks for business management.
  • SEO (on and offpage) and SEM.

As you can see, there are many technological tools that can help you in the organization of commercial work, not only directly, in the sales planning and customer service support; but also so that you have your team perfectly organized, with productivity and time management solutions. Remember that in addition, in Femxa Courses you have the support of a tutor who you can ask for help and advice on solutions that are not provided in the agenda and that can complement the training program.

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