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List Of The Most Common Online Frauds

Our daily life is intimately related to the use of the internet. We spend a great number of hours online. In addition to being useful for work and leisure, we also run the risk of online fraud.

Cybercriminals are inventing increasingly sophisticated methods to take advantage of unsuspecting internet users. However, with simple basic rules you can protect yourself from being a victim of online fraud.

The most common online fraud

The ingenuity of cybercriminals has led them to create various ways to attack their victims. Learn which are the most common.

Phishing, the most common online fraud

Of the best known online frauds , phishing is perhaps the most frequent. Although it is adapted to each means of telecommunication, it basically consists of a system of attraction and temptation, as in fishing.

Fraudsters “ fish ” for personal information, such as account numbers or passwords. To do this, they send emails claiming to be from trustworthy websites or companies.

These messages usually claim that your login or account information has expired or is no longer secure. And they ask to change this in the attached link. In fact, the link leads to a fake website . If you enter your login details there, they will be passed on to scammers; They already have access to personal bank details , for example, and can empty your account or pay online.

Remember that banks and other trusted businesses never ask their customers for personal information via email. If you’re not sure, it’s best to ask the company directly.


This fraud is also known as voice phishing . It is classified as an online fraud because through this technique the cybercriminal obtains the victim’s information. With this information he carries out his attack on the internet , either financially or with identity theft, among others.

Through the phone call or voicemail, the offender persuades the victim, stimulating their emotions of trust, altruism, greed or panic ( social engineering ). Through this call he manages to cloud her logical thinking, leading the victim to give up personal information, before she can realize the imminent risk.

Fraudulent online stores

Expensive brands and limited items are particularly attractive to young people. Scammers know this and are spreading fake ads for luxury deals on social media and websites. It has become an increasingly used online fraud .

If you click on the link you receive, you will be redirected to a fake online store . At first glance, it looks deceptively real. But after payment you get a fake product or nothing at all. In the worst case, fraudsters use bank details to empty the account.

Before ordering, you should research what experiences other customers have had with the store. If the retailer insists on payment in advance and there are no other payment options, caution is advised.


This online fraud differs from phishing in that it does not seduce the victim. That is, it does not require the victim to click through to be directed to the fake website.

This fraudulent technique focuses on changing DNS entries , either by attacking the entity or by installing a virus on the user’s computer that will direct them to the fake website . In this way, it manages to trick the victim into using their confidential information. In addition, the cybercriminal can also steal your sensitive data without your knowledge, using an application downloaded on your device.

SIM swapping, among the most frequent online frauds

It is a cybercrime that is based on the exchange of the SIM card . This usually occurs when the criminal manages to obtain a duplicate card from the phone store operator. However, it is also possible for you to obtain the SIM of a stolen mobile.

By having the duplicate of the SIM in his possession, the cybercriminal can access all the confidential information of the victim and even some information of his contacts. While he uses the duplicate, the victim will only notice connection problems on her mobile and will receive messages that will soon be resolved.

Avoid online scams with these tips

Here are some tips whose practice will help you stay safe from cybercriminals .

  • Avoid sharing your personal information through online messaging systems and that of others through the Internet and by telephone.
  • Use high-level passwords (complex) and, if possible, establish double authentication for financial transactions.
  • Install a good antivirus on your devices , and keep it updated.
  • In case of theft of the mobile, call and block the SIM card immediately.

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