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Professional Information Management in the Project

In larger projects, new data is constantly being generated and as an assistant, effective information management in the project is one of your tasks. You are where everything comes together, you forward all the information promptly and ensure that everyone involved is always up to date.

Design the information management in the project professionally from the start

Especially at the beginning of a project, it is important to ask specifically what it is about. This depends on who is actually involved in the project – i.e. who has to be involved in your information management – and what data will generally be generated – i.e. how your storage needs to be designed, for example.

Be sure to think “outside the box” a bit. The people who need to receive regular information about the project do not just include members of the closer project team in your company. You may also need to involve external consultants or employees. And there will be presentations to the decision-makers at regular intervals; you also need to keep an eye on this.

To get an initial overview of what you need to achieve with your information management, follow these steps:

  • Determine your own information needs regarding this project – how much information do you actually need – what will emerge over the course of the project?
  • List internal and external sources of information. Obtain the information you need and arrange with key information providers to provide you with regular updates. Also ask yourself regularly.
  • Does your company have a structured reporting system? – Then of course you also have to feed your project into the system.
  • Think carefully about who needs to receive what information. These are not always just those involved in the project, but depending on the case also other people who are affected by certain decisions.
  • Provide timely, accurate and complete information.
  • Get feedback on whether you understood everything correctly and whether you were understood correctly.
  • Do not distribute information unfiltered, but rather prepare it in a recipient-oriented manner. Structure complex information into “digestible bites.” Be clear and as brief as possible.

Make sure you stay informed yourself

During regular updates, clarify the following questions with your bosses:

  • What priorities need to be defined next?
  • Which documents would your bosses and colleagues want to look through in advance and have on their desk?
  • Are the appointments still up to date, the appointment calendars aligned and do you as an assistant keep an eye on all relevant appointments?
  • What are the priorities today, what is today’s overall goal?
  • What else can you do to support your bosses and colleagues today?

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