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Snapchat Story Viewer – Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously

With the help of this Snapchat Story Viewer, anyone can easily view others’ Snapchat stories without them knowing. Snapchat is one of the most famous applications in many countries for its extraordinary filters and the security it provides for the users’ data. Most people use this application due to its end-to-end encryption. Any snap story you post lasts about 24 hours, and it will disappear automatically. Also, you can view the list of the people who viewed your Snapchat story. If you intend not to showcase your name in the list of story viewers, then you must try this Snapchat Story Viewer.

Snapchat doesn’t provide the hide view status feature. You must use other third-party platforms like Snapchat Story Viewer for that purpose.

Many Snapchat Story Viewer applications are available to access anonymously, and this curiosity builds in most people who want to view their required Snapchat stories without anyone’s notice. One typical feature of Snapchat is that no one can take screenshots of your snaps, story highlights, and other stuff without your notice. There are several ways to view Snapchat stories anonymously.

In this article, you will anonymously see the methods and applications of Snapchat Story Viewer. To view Snapchat stories, memories, and other stuff, you don’t need to login into your Snapchat account through Snapchat Story Viewer.

Methods to view Snapchat Story Viewer anonymously

Anyone can easily watch others Snapchat stories anonymously with a few tricks, and this is possible only for public snaps but not possible for private snap stories. These tricks will blow your mind, and you can try these methods to view Snapchat stories without them knowing.

Use the Airplane mode:

Using this airplane mode will be the easiest to view Snapchat Stories anonymously. Still, before proceeding with it, you must remember that when you are using airplane mode on your mobile, all the connections, like incoming and outgoing cellular data and Wi-Fi, do not work.

Let’s begin the process with airplane mode. Open the Snapchat application. Allow stories to load, and after that, turn on the airplane mode on your mobile, then go back to the Snapchat application and watch your required snap stories. After viewing the preferred snap stories, exit the Snapchat application and turn off the airplane mode. Finally, to check it, again open the Snapchat app, and you can see the stories are still in unseen status. With this procedure you can easily view others’ Snapchat stories without their knowledge.

Use a VPN for safe browsing:

Using a VPN is one of the methods for Snapchat Stories viewing, and the basic purpose of this VPN is to hide your original identity. It allows you to select a different country rather than yours. That means it can hide your true IP address and helps you view your preferred Snap stories without their knowledge. You can access only public Snapchat stories but can’t access private Snapchat highlights. To access it, first install a free VPN and sign in, then start using Snapchat online to view your preferred snaps without their notice.

Use another Snapchat account:

Usually, people use this method to view their favorite person’s Snapchat stories without them knowing. By creating a new Snapchat account with different profile identification, anybody can watch snaps anonymously only after adding that person as a friend. But remember that even after creating a new profile, the snap holder can still view your new profile name in their story viewer list. Before creating a new profile, make certain that other people don’t identify the username you want to keep as your new profile username.

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Use Alternatives to view Snapchat Stories

Several alternatives are available to view Snapchat stories without the other person’s knowledge, and all these third-party platforms work similarly. A few of the accessible choices for Snapchat Story Viewer anonymously are as follows.


Cocospy is one of the best tracking platforms, and most parents use this platform to check their children’s activities on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can even spy much more content through this Cocospy app. With this platform, anyone can access conversations and check the contact list and other content without others’ notice. These services are not free to access, so you must take an affordable paid subscription to avail yourself of the benefits of the Cocospy platform even without root.

You need to install this Cocospy application on the targeted device to get control of that device, and it takes only less time to set up your account on the Cocospy platform. To start the process, first, you need to enter your email id and begin the process by taking a subscription. Later, download and install the Cocospy application on your and your target devices. Finally, start monitoring your preferred person’s device, including Snapchat.


Mspy is the best application to access Snapchat stories with additional content like conversations, media, and snaps. It is compatible with many devices that include both Android and iOS devices. The Mspy application allows you to access others’ Snapchat accounts without their knowledge which means it’s completely anonymous. All this will be achieved only after a subscription with a certain amount. With the easily understandable interface, anyone can easily access it conveniently. When it comes to Snapchat Story Viewer then mspy is the best one.

The process of downloading and installing the Mspy application into your device is simple that takes a short time and less effort to set up your account. The best features of this Mspy website are easy installation, real-time updates, well-protected data, supportive customer services, and others. The procedure for accessing and setting up the account is finished in three steps. Enter your mail, select your plan, complete your account set up, and start accessing your required Snapchat stories, including other content.


The curiosity of viewing others’ Snapchat stories without them knowing will lead you to search different third-party applications. In that application, Xmobi is the first to hack other Snapchat accounts anonymously. It is very convenient to use this platform with its easily accessible interface. It can easily attract people with its interface. Anyone can utilize this platform to access your preferred person’s Snapchat stories, conversations, and other content without their knowledge.

This Xmobi platform is not free to access and to access this application. You must take a monthly subscription. When you open the website on the home screen, it will ask you to enter the username of the targeted Snapchat account. After that, it will gather all the information and produce you with the link. That link will be active for 24 hours and gives the download option, but when you click on the download option, it will redirect you to the subscription payment page.

More alternatives for Snapchat Story Viewer anonymously

The best three options mentioned earlier, and a few more choices for Snapchat Story viewer without their notice. They are.

  • Umonix
  • Eyezy
  • Spyfon
  • The truth spy
  • Hoverwatch
  • Flexispy
  • Spyzie
  • Casper

How to check the story viewer list on Snapchat?

The process of checking the story viewer list is as follows.

  1. Open the Snapchat application and log in to your account.
  2. you will always see the camera capture position after opening the Snapchat account. When you swipe left, you will land on your stories page.
  3. After going to your story section, click on the three dots at the upper right corner of your story highlight, and it expands them.
  4. Then, you see the eye symbol beside your snaps, and when you click on them, you can view the list of story viewers.
  5. This list is in reverse Chronological order, which means the first person who viewed your story will be the last person on your list and vice versa.
  6. By clicking on the overlapping arrow icon, which is beside the eye symbol. You can see the list of those who have taken screenshots of your story.

Is it possible to view Snapchat stories without being friends?

Yes! It is possible only when the person posts the snap publicly. Then you can see those stories in the discovery section of Snapchat. It means if people want to view other public stories, they must be friends on Snapchat accounts. The Snapchat viewer is useful only for viewing public snaps. It is not useful for private stories on Snapchat.

Final Words

Now you completely understand what is Snapchat Story Viewer.Usually, people are curious to view social media content like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and other platforms. For that purpose, they will go to an extreme level of searching for those related platforms. A few of these people are even ready to take the costly subscriptions. Still, they won’t care about the safety and security of accessing those websites. Keeping your data safe is far more important than accessing others’ content, and even with those high subscription platforms, there is no assurance of safety or security.

Also, accessing others’ social media platforms, including Snapchat, is completely illegal. If anyone identifies, you will need to face the risky consequence. In this article, we never meant to support or suggest these illegal platforms, and all the information is for knowledge purposes.

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