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The Importance Of Prevention: Don’t Be A Victim Of Technology

In times of displacement, it reminds us that we have to be prudent on the road, that the important thing is to arrive… and return. But it is not only the attitude of drivers behind the wheel that counts when it comes to preventing traffic accidents. The state of the road, the weather, and the general condition of the vehicle are other factors that must be taken care of and that need to be fine-tuned to reduce risks.

We can also clearly distinguish which are the factors that directly intervene in the use of ICT: the human factor and the technological factor.

In automobile manufacturing, countless advances in active and passive safety have been incorporated: seat belts, airbags, ABS, SRS, chassis that absorb impact in the event of a collision, and hundreds of innovations that affect the prevention of accidents or reducing its effects on vehicle occupants or pedestrians.

In the use of ICT, we are still far from these advances; Unfortunately, not even the latest generation smartphones have incorporated any effective measure that protects minors from access to pornography, online gambling, or inappropriate content, to name just three examples; They do not include a guide to configuring the device according to the user’s age, nor do they indicate how to activate security filters in the browser or how to automatically disable the purchase of Apps.

Thus, the best parental control filter is still you: accompany your child in their first contact with technology, be it TV, video games, or the Internet. Guide him and teach him to distinguish what quality content is and what content he should not see, as well as teach him which TV channels and which movies are appropriate for his age, you also have to mentor his steps on the internet and teach him not to download any App without your approval.

So that the use of technology does not cause accidents, we must continue to emphasize the importance of technology education and prevention: a healthy use of technology opens up many opportunities: for learning, leisure, socialization, alone or in the company of others. Its irresponsible use also causes victims. Prevention helps us minimize risks: cyberbullying, sexting, addiction to online gambling … We are all responsible for its proper use so as not to harm the health or digital reputation of others … or ours.

Some tips so that your children are not victims of technology:

  • Do not use technology to harm anyone: If you bully or insult online, in addition to possible psychological harm to your victim, you can face prison sentences. Online crimes are pursued by the Security Forces of the State.
  • If you spread your own photos in inappropriate situations, your online reputation may be damaged, which can seriously affect your employment or academic possibilities.
  • Never publicly share personal information that could endanger you or expose you to harassment by predators: phone numbers, home or school address, your email address, passwords, etc.
  • If you have problems due to the use of technology, we can help you: we have a Network of Experts (psychologists, mediators, lawyers specializing in ICT) who will help you solve your doubts and offer you help in case of problems with technology. Free first consultation.

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