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The Three Most Uncomfortable Questions In A Job Interview

The job interview is, in many cases, the final step in a job search process, which adds extra pressure to the situation since we are playing a lot at that time, and we do not want to ruin all the previous work done. To get to her.

Therefore, we must prepare ourselves first and foremost and be aware of the most uncomfortable questions that we may be asked. Let’s see the three most recurrent and that are usually decisive when discarding candidates.

Of course, we must prepare each interview individually, informing ourselves about the company that hires and the type of position offered. For the rest, there are a series of issues common to almost any sector that we must take into account:

Your weaknesses are a classic of job interviews. The problem with this question is that we do not usually want to show weaknesses when actively looking for a job. Still, we must be aware that there is no immaculate and infallible worker, so self-knowledge, critical capacity and the desire for continuous improvement will be valued. . In this case, it is advisable to recognize some aspect in which you are already working on improving it and emphasize it. Perhaps you consider that you should improve your handling of the Office package and you are doing an online course to improve it, well, there you have your answer. Show determination in achieving your goals and your great ability to learn.

Why did you leave your previous job? The real purpose of this question is to find out if you are a negative or difficult person when it comes to working in a team. As a general rule, the interviewer will create a friendly environment to feel comfortable with the company’s confidence when criticizing the competition. Do not fall into the trap; take a deep breath and redirect your speech towards your interest in continuing to improve professionally, hence the interest in the new company, always thanking the opportunities received and what you have learned in previous work experiences, being open to possible future collaborations. They are interested in knowing what your attitude towards the company will be in the event of ending your relationship with the company and your ability to express yourself in a politically correct way.

How much do you want to earn? This question is the one that usually generates the greatest insecurity among those interviewed since we mistakenly tend to think that the answer will determine our hiring possibilities and payments; nothing is further from the truth. In this case, it is very useful to conduct preliminary research on the company’s salary policy not to appear very disoriented if you offer a figure for this answer. However, I recommend that you not be so precise and redirect the response towards your interest in your professional development and the challenges it offers you. As you know, the company is family-oriented and takes care of its employees. In many cases, they will insist that you “get wet” by indicating a figure,

These three questions are most commonly pointed out as uncomfortable by most of the interviewees. However, today the selection of personnel is changing a lot. Although it is still not very common in Spain, I leave you a list of the three most impressive that I have found while documenting myself for this article in selection processes in the US.

It never hurts to prepare for any eventuality despite not being so common.

What other companies are you currently interviewing for? In my case, I would indicate that I am in many selection processes in different sectors to show my determination and work flexibility while emphasizing the interesting opportunity that this job represents for me.

Who are you voting for? Danger, danger… We all take politics very seriously, so we are still in the process of analyzing it to decide in a documented and responsible manner, as we would do in our workplace, right?

Have you ever stolen office supplies? Whoever asks it knows that you have, do not hesitate. Who has not carried a pen without realizing it in their pocket? Let’s treat the question in a light-hearted way, indicating this and, if applicable, telling an anecdote about it.

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