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Transformative Training, Key In The Evolution Of The Tourism Sector

Much has been said about the structural changes that tourism must face. There are several challenges and challenges that we must address as a sector and as a country. Still, perhaps the most important (and urgent) is the evolution of our tourism model towards a new paradigm of excellence in which digitization, profitability, and sustainability will be pieces. Fundamental.

There may be many formulas to carry out this transition, but none of them should be missing two key components: talent and continuous training. We cannot aspire for our sector and the companies that comprise it to transform if the people who lead them do not.

Training as a tool for change (and success)

We face a critical situation in which our teams must give their best. But you have to be realistic and understand that the tourism sector is exhausted, that we are faced with a disappointed staff and fear for their future. That is not to mention the number of great value professionals who, unfortunately, have lost their jobs. According to recent reports, more than 30,000 companies in the tourism sector have ceased their activity in recent months. Since the pandemic’s beginning, the sector has lost almost as many companies as were created between 2013 and 2020.

Faced with such a panorama, training in digital tourism will be a cornerstone in the recovery of the stimulus in our teams and, also, for the attraction of new talent and their subsequent loyalty.

Various studies, including those carried out by the Tourism research division, ensure that, regardless of the size of the companies, those that will survive this crisis will be those with the most excellent adaptability to change and whose leaders and employees are capable. To propose cutting-edge solutions to the new needs of the post-pandemic traveler.

A training proposal tailored to the circumstances

It is vital to develop new skills and use new tools to adapt and evolve. Time is against us as decision-making processes have been drastically shortened. Hence, being able to anticipate with confidence is essential today. But for that, you have to know the trends that are to come, the new user profiles, their needs, and their expectations. To respond to all this, we also need to train ourselves in new, more disruptive lines of thought because there is no room for the usual answers when faced with further questions.

Human capital, the most precious resource

Exponential leadership will set the tone for years to come. Developing soft skills and knowledge of a deeply digitized environment dominated by new technologies will be decisive. But, although the revolution we are witnessing will have a marked digital spirit, we cannot forget that it is the people who provide the differential value and, especially in a sector like ours, in which personal treatment and emotions play an essential role. Extraordinarily relevant role.

It is time for human capital to be considered, definitely, as one of the main assets of our companies. Ensuring that we have a loyal squad, in which rotation is not the norm, will be vital to face what is to come.

Only through continuous training and the empowerment of talent can we create a tourism model of excellence, thanks to an equally excellent human capital. There is no time to lose!

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