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Web Design: A New Business Priority

Today, web design is essential for any business with an online presence. It allows to have a beautiful showcase to attract the eye of future customers.

The design of your website plays an important role in strengthening your visibility. As for the user experience, it is the driving force that consolidates it and makes it unique. Talking about web design means not only referring to the technical aspect, but also the visual aspect of your web interface or during your app creation. What does web design mean? Why is it important for businesses?

Web design is the act of structuring a website using several graphic elements. It allows us to highlight the visual identity of the company. During the creation and development of the website, it is the common thread that guides the web designer. It takes into account colors, layout, images, text styles, navigation buttons, structure, etc.

Web Design dictates the visual plan of the website, how it will be organized and how it will work. The task is not limited to the graphic design of the website. She is also interested in issues related to accessibility, ergonomics and ease of use. The work of the web designer will be centered on the user. For him, the goal is to put online an effective, efficient, ergonomic and pleasant interface, likely to convert Internet users into customers.

What is the usefulness of web design for companies?

For a good first impression

A company’s website is its first showcase. It highlights the image of the company and gives visitors their first impression of it. A well-organized, fluid website with an attractive visual gives a positive image of you and will strengthen your credibility. Conversely, a poorly organized and sloppy site tends to make them doubt your reliability. Before becoming interested in your services, the first reflex of the Internet user will be to study the visual aspect of your site. It is according to this that he will decide whether he should continue his visit or not. Hence the importance of web design, the aim of which is to make the user’s experience pleasant and to arouse his interest.

For a better customer conversion rate

A well-designed website inevitably has an impact on the customer conversion rate. The information is clear and organized. Navigation is fluid. The Internet user has direct access to what he is looking for without wasting time.

Web design is useful to the company whatever its sector of activity. Thanks to it, you can easily convey your message, highlight your content and share the information you want. It is a royal channel of communication between you and your audience.

Call an agency

Instead of having coffee, consider sipping tomato juice. It could change your life, or at least the web. Based in Geneva and Zurich, Swiss Tomato, a family business founded by two brothers, has experience to spare.

In this agency on a human scale, the expertise of Daniel and Norbert Racsko brings to all kinds of companies, and especially to the best ones, vitaminized digital achievements!

Porsche, Bayer, the United Nations, HP, Nestlé, Jet Aviation… So many customers and many others for whom Swiss Tomato commits its precision, state-of-the-art technology and reliability. And yes, there are some points in common with watchmaking…

Here we present three of their main services:

  • Web design
  • Application development
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality

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