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What Do Workers Think About Integrating AI Into The Workplace?

To find out if AI is used in the professional world, Slack and OpinionWay have launched a survey on the subject. It is recognized that AI has a place of choice in the professional world. However, it has been observed that white collar workers use it more than blue collar workers.

At the end of June, the Slack platform carried out a survey in collaboration with OpinionWay. The topic concerned the use of AI in the professional world and what workers think about it. The results showed that all categories of employees are in favor of using AI in their profession . The survey also showed that white-collar employees benefited on average 6 hours more thanks to artificial intelligence . For their part, blue-collar workers save 5 hours on average. A large proportion of respondents say that AI makes it easier to perform repetitive daily tasks. This is especially valid for white-collar employees, whether they are employees, self-employed or in wage portage .

What are the results obtained among white collar workers?

According to the survey that has been carried out, “knowledge workers” or white collar workers are those who use AI the most. OpinionWay and Slack surveyed 501 white-collar employees of a private company. The survey therefore revealed that 54% of these employees use artificial intelligence and 31% use it occasionally .

On the other hand, 45% of white collar workers say they do not use AI in the performance of their task. The survey also showed that the majority of white-collar workers find AI to have several benefits. For example, 73% of respondents say that AI saves time. As a result, white-collar workers save an average of 6 hours each week thanks to the use of artificial intelligence . 30% of knowledge workers further confirm that these tools make it possible to find information quickly. It is also found that 50% of these workers want AI to be integrated into their structure.

AI can also be used in wage portage. It is also an excellent alternative for professional retraining. This process makes it possible to find a freelance mission and to benefit from the same advantages as employees in a company.

What are the results obtained with blue collar workers?

As for the blue collar workers, they are the “front line workers” and they number 584 questioned at the end of the survey. For their part, 20% of these employees confirm that they use AI for their work. Which is relatively low compared to white collar workers. 79% of this category of employees say they do not use artificial intelligence . When it comes to benefits, 64% of blue-collar workers say AI saves them time. Additionally, 52% of blue-collar workers say using AI helps complete repetitive tasks. Thanks to this, frontline workers save an average of 5 hours each week.

In any case, the survey demonstrated that AI is useful in the professional world . Particularly for knowledge workers, 59% of whom want to use AI outside of a collaborative platform.

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