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What Is Python?

Python is a programming language popular among programmers because of its easy readability and straightforward syntax.

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language, which is also similar to the PERL programming language. Because of its clear syntax and easy readability, Python is very popular among the programming languages ​​and is a relatively easy-to-learn programming language and very portable. The code written in Python can thus be interpreted in the different operating systems. These include the UNIX-based systems, Linux, Mac OS X, MS-DOS, OS / 2, and the other flavors of Microsoft Windows.

The origin of Python

Python was developed by the software developer Guido van Rossum from the Netherlands. The name was chosen because Rossum is a fan of the comedy group Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Python is a freely available source or source code that can be adapted and reused.

The functions of Python

One of the best things about Python is indenting the instructions or statements to make the code easier to read.

Python thus represents dynamic data types and is therefore available as a ready-made class. It is also essential to make the interfaces available for all system calls and libraries. The programming language finds an extension using C or C +.

Furthermore, Python can also be used as a script for Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages).


For example, the scoreboard system for the cricket stadium in Melbourne, Australia, is written in Python. The popular web application server Z Object Publishing Environment is also based on Python.

Anaconda’s installation routine for a modern Red Hat and Fedora distribution was primarily implemented with Python.

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