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3 Tips For Recruiting Data Scientists In Retail

Ever since the e-commerce boom, retailers have been desperately looking for data scientists – with limited success. Data is the lifeblood of modern retail. In order to position themselves as an attractive employer, retail companies have to do what they do best in their core business on the labor market: tailor their offerings to the target group.

Modernize application processes and candidate profiles

Data science is a relatively young profession. Anyone who asks for decades of professional experience or specializations in outdated programming languages ​​in the job advertisement is recruiting without the reality of the job market. HR managers should, therefore, think carefully, especially in this profession: Which skills are actually a “must have” and which are “nice to have”?

It is also advantageous to be open to training careers and career paths outside of convention. After all, there are many career changers among data scientists.

Last but not least, employers in the retail sector also score points when they make the application process for candidates as uncomplicated as possible. In addition to classic job platforms, career fairs, universities, conferences, and social networks such as LinkedIn should not be underestimated as touchpoints to potential specialists.

Attractively communicate your pioneering role

Precisely because retail companies are not yet among the most obvious employers for data scientists, they have to pay even more attention to appropriate employer branding. Will the data scientist position or the associated department be created within the company? A surprising number of data scientists would feel comfortable in such a pioneering role – provided it is communicated attractively and the candidates have a clear idea of ​​how their work drives the company’s overall strategy.

Create the right working environment

Data scientists are not afraid of new paths – provided the path is clearly defined. Employers in the retail sector must clearly communicate their expectations of data scientists and provide them with the necessary tools, contacts, and interfaces to effectively meet these expectations.

A thirst for knowledge is a central characteristic of the data scientist profession. Long-term attractive employers specifically address this thirst for knowledge – through unbureaucratic further training opportunities, development prospects, and opportunities to exchange ideas with other experts.

In addition to flexible working hours, remote work options, and a good work-life balance, an attractive working environment for data scientists also includes an appropriate starting salary.

The good news is that retail companies don’t have to reinvent the recruiting wheel when looking for data scientists but can instead rely on best practices from the HR sector.

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