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5 Keys That Are Marking The Retail Sector

According to the multinational Catenon, we are entering a very volatile cycle that affects the social reputation of brands, in which the internationalization of SMEs and a great digital transformation are very present, in addition to the necessary reinvention of this sector, to offer fast and efficient responses to the changing needs of consumers.

5 Keys to working in Retail


Highly professional profiles are in demand in the technological environment for the total digitization of consumer companies, key to their success. The most sought-after professionals will be experts in data and processes , who have a fundamental role in making business decisions with the aim of facilitating the arrival of new business models.

Employee and customer health protection

Consumer companies increase the hiring of professionals in the field of health , both for their work environments and for the creation and distribution of their products and services. Any mistake that compromises the health of employees and users can lead a brand to social ostracism. Profiles such as EHS Manager (responsible for worker health and safety) will be the most in demand to work in retail, and in our country we have great experts in this field.

Trade transformation

The new post-covid normality is supported by major changes in the economy, which are driving the creation of global value chains, based on high production in different countries and a regionalization of trade, especially in Asia. Digitization creates new models that allow SMEs to access international markets. In addition, geopolitics becomes a fundamental element in foreign trade. A new scenario where expert export professionals are a key element.

Proximity products

Food that is produced within 100 km of the place of sale will have great value for the consumer, especially those that are in season. A trend that supports local producers and contributes to caring for the planet, reducing C02 emissions into the atmosphere in the transportation process. In parallel, quality is perceived as a key value, and consumers are looking for food that comes from the farm to their home.

White label growth

Inflation triggered in 2022 the growth of private label products that allow consumers to save on a day-to-day basis. White brands grow exponentially the more prices rise and, according to the consulting firm Nielsen IQ, they currently generate almost 50% of sales.

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