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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Accounting Software

Are you a promoter of a VSE or SME? Do you want to set up a management system that will help you monitor the evolution of your business on a day-to-day basis? For this, you need accounting software adapted to your company and the nature of its activities .

Currently, the market has a variety of accounting software. And every day, software vendors keep innovating.

Since a business requires administrative tasks, you need good accounting software to ensure the sustainability of your business. Knowing that the choice of such software is not easy, here are some key questions you must ask yourself to make the right choice.

How do you decide which software is right for your business?

First of all, you need to ask yourself the aforementioned question. It lays the foundation for choosing the right software for your business. Today, digital is only gaining ground. As the owner of a VSE or SME, you very often check your emails via your smartphone or tablet wherever you are and answer them with great ease. Just as you work from your phone, why not opt ​​for accounting software that can be used from the Internet and have all your accounting data in the Cloud?

You are strongly advised to choose software that allows you to work even when you are away from your company’s premises, software that is easy to use and complete. Indeed, a VSE or SME does not need software that is too complex to function properly. All-in-one software will do.

How not to be mistaken about the choice of accounting software?

You may have one idea in your head, but your judgment may be biased by one or three preconceptions. So, to reassure yourself that your choice is the right one, start already by having selection criteria and make a list of tasks to be carried out by your accounting software!

Thereafter, consult an accountant for advice on this subject. The chartered accountant will be able to give you advice, because he has mastered the accounting and tax world . He knows the different software and their functionalities. But as said above, compare what it will tell you to the list of expectations formulated with regard to the ideal accounting software. You can also seek the advice of your partners and suppliers.

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With good accounting software, would I no longer need the services of an accountant?

From the outset, you cannot do without the services of a chartered accountant, because he knows very well how taxation and regulations work. He is therefore the most qualified person to support you throughout the life of your business.

But the fact remains that choosing the right accounting software will facilitate collaboration between you and your accountant. For this reason, it is desirable to take a software like Kpulse, which allows you to work wherever you are and share your data with the accountant and other collaborators of the company . So you save time and are more efficient.

What kind of accounting software do I need for my business?

According to VSE or SME and according to the type of activity you carry out, you must choose accounting software that ensures good administrative management of your box.

For a TPE, you will need software which, in addition to having the basics of bookkeeping, must also be able to manage invoicing and quotes. On the other hand, for an SME, you will need more complex software, allowing you to centralize your data and meet much greater needs than in the case of the TPE.

What is the final cost price of my accounting software?

After choosing your software, you should find out how much this software will cost you monthly, quarterly and annually . From this information, you should know if you will be able to use this software for a long time. Very often, accounting software gives users the option to take advantage of certain features during a free trial period . After this time, you must start paying to continue using the software with all its features.

Before making the purchase of software, you must therefore ask yourself these questions:

  • What operating system do I use?
  • The software will be used by how many people?

The answer to the operating system question is important, because some software does not look the same on Windows and Mac OS X, so you need to determine which system is constantly in use. It is up to you to know the number of users of the software , because its cost depends on it.

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