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Facilitate Remote Working With Online Management Software

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an opportunity for many companies to discover and resort to teleworking. This layout of the workstation has many advantages both for employees and for companies. What does it consist of and how to put it in place so that everyone wins, employees as well as bosses? Discover all the advantages of working from home and how to keep it productive within your organization.

What is telework?

Teleworking refers to an organization of tasks that relies on digital technologies so that an employee performs his work outside his company’s premises on a voluntary basis, occasionally or regularly.

It is no longer mandatory for this possibility to be included in employment contracts. It can be set up by a collective agreement within the company or appear with its terms in a branch agreement . Teleworking can be occasional and be the subject of a simple mutual agreement between the employer and the employee or be implemented on a more regular basis. The teleworking employee can carry out his missions at home or in dedicated premises such as coworking spaces.

It should be noted, however, that not all professions allow the implementation of teleworking. It is quite obvious that cashier or factory worker missions are not conducive to the implementation of this system. Be that as it may, the use of telework presupposes an appropriate organization and a relationship of trust between managers and employees.

What are the advantages of telecommuting?

Implementing a teleworking procedure can represent savings for both companies and employees.

Indeed, in the case of regular use, this can save work space and therefore occupy smaller premises. Service costs such as light, electricity, photocopying, coffee, etc. are also affected. For employees, the fact of no longer having to travel to their place of work represents a substantial saving in costs but also in travel time.

Today’s employees no longer necessarily see their work as a lifetime commitment. They are more sensitive to solicitations from new employers and enjoy trying out new career opportunities. In this context, teleworking represents an obvious advantage in hiring but also an important means of retaining staff. Putting forward solutions that allow its employees to more easily reconcile work and family life represents a strong argument during a job interview or during a job renegotiation. The idea of ​​offering your employee a solution that reduces costs and stress is obviously appealing on several levels.

Another benefit that takes on its full meaning in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic is the possibility, thanks to teleworking, of setting up contingency plans. In special circumstances (climate, environmental, health disaster, damage to the premises, etc.) it may happen that employees are no longer able to go to their office despite the need to move business operations forward. Teleworking makes it possible to offer an effective alternative solution in these situations .

Why use telecommuting management software?

To take advantage of all the advantages of teleworking, you need to equip yourself with practical and user-friendly computer software that adapts to all generations of employees but which also allows efficient work, like or even more than in the office.

The idea is to allow employees to access all the necessary work resources and to carry out collaborative missions remotely. For managers, the objective is to be able to monitor and manage the progress of files and the work of each employee outside the walls of the company. It is therefore necessary to use high-performance digital solutions that guarantee an optimal quality of work for each of the parties.

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