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5 Series On Advertising That You Cannot Miss

Cinema and series are one of the great sources of inspiration for any publicist. Immersing yourself in film culture will help you have a valuable chest from which to draw great ideas. That is a lesson that every publicist or future publicist should be clear about if he wants to go far in this profession. If we love the screen so much, why not learn about ourselves? In the 5 series on advertising that you cannot miss, which we propose below, we are the advertisers who appear as protagonists. If you want to improve your creativity and your marketing and advertising skills, please post.

Mad Men

MadMen is the advertising series par excellence. Set in the 1960s, the series shows us life at Sterling Cooper , an advertising agency at the time.

Jon Hamm casts the role of Don Draper , who stars in the series as one of the top publicists in Manhattan, New York. This account executive is a great reference for many, thanks to his creative ability and, above all, his ability to sell any idea.

Its main female protagonist, Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), is the clear example of a fighting woman in a world of men. Relegated to the position of secretary, Peggy fights against the macho environment, leaving the role of innocent and obedient woman that they pretend that she is.

In seven seasons, viewers have been able to see the growth of Sterling Cooper, which has led MadMen to win 15 Emmys and 4 Golden Globes.

House of Cards

Based on the novel by Michael Dobbs, House of Cards tells the story of Frank Underwood , played by Kevin Spacey, a congressman who wants to be Secretary of State. To do this, he relies on political marketing , although in this case, his political communication strategies are sometimes not as honest as they should be.

To date, she has received 33 Emmy Award nominations, eight Golden Globe nominations, of which she won Best Actress in a Television Series and Best Actor in a Television Series.

The Crazy Ones

Simon Roberts is the big publicist who stars in The Crazy Ones , played by Robin Williams. Unconventional methods are our protagonist’s best weapon to sell almost anything.

His daughter Sydney Roberts, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, fulfills another great protagonist as creative director of the agency. This adds great value to the series, showing a female profile leading a great position in the world of advertising.

Trust Me

TrustMe is another series recommended for lovers of advertising. Eric McCormack acts as Mason McGuire, creative director, while Tom Cavanagh, gets into the skin of the copywriter Connor. This couple shows the drama of a creative duo made up of two opposite personalities. Disorder versus order, impulsiveness versus calm, single life versus marriage and children.

The series was created by John and Hunter, two advertising guys who knew this world perfectly. Thanks to them, TrustMe is full of details of the advertising jargon and the day-to-day life of any advertising agency.

Although the series only had one season, the treatment that is made of the competition between agencies, among which DDB or Leo Burnett appear, is very interesting.

Black Mirror

Although it is not a series that is entirely focused on advertising, nor is it developed in an agency as the main setting, Black Mirror is a great recommendation for a good marketing lover.

From an analytical and critical point of view, Black Mirror teaches us great lessons in marketing and advertising, especially in relation to social networks and their influence on users.

The series engages viewers of all genres. With chapters that are assimilated to thrillers, others to horror, comedy, and even many to romantic drama, Black Mirror becomes one of our star recommendations.

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