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Advantages Of Using Google Drive

Google drive is a tool that allows you to store information in the cloud. Its functionalities are diverse. In addition to storing documents, photographs, videos, etc. in the cloud also allows you to create and edit documents online. In addition, one of its most important features is that it allows you to share them instantly so that you can see, create and edit them collaboratively among several people.

To access Google Drive you only need to have a Google account. If not, you can easily create it and to access you will only have to enter your email and password.

Main advantages

The main advantages are related to what was mentioned above. Mainly highlights the collaborative option offered by this tool. For any online job, it is beneficial to be able to create documents collaboratively and in real time, but also:

  • Free tool.
  • Storage space can be expanded.
  • Documents and information are stored in the cloud and it is automatically saved every time you edit it. In this way, if the device is lost or deleted, the documents are kept and can be accessed from another.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can access it through various devices : computer, tablet, mobile, etc.
  • Allows you to apply the security identification.
  • It is a flexible and effective tool.
  • You can consult the documents without editing them despite not having an Internet connection.
  • Available in various languages.

Disadvantages of Google Drive

Although it is a recommended tool, like all of them, it has some disadvantages. In this case, the advantages prevail over the disadvantages, but when working it is important to take them into account:

  • To edit the documents and use the collaborative function it is necessary to have an Internet connection.
  • If a person deletes the document, it cannot be recovered unless that person does so within the time limit.
  • Requires a Gmail account.

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