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Extend The Battery Life Of Your MacBook

The battery of the MacBook is a real heavyweight that promises a very long runtime. However, it happens that the battery is empty faster than you would like it to be. We’ll show you 10 tips with which you can significantly increase the battery life of your MacBook.

Tip 1: reduce the screen brightness

The largest consumer of a notebook is the display, which takes up a considerable amount of energy. If your MacBook display is working at full brightness, the consumption is enormous.

Therefore, it is better to reduce the brightness by a few levels. You will be amazed at how drastically the energy savings increase in your MacBook is.

Tip 2: recalibrate the battery

If your MacBook has been used for a longer period of time, the battery may last forever shorter periods of time. However, it is not yet defective or worn. So what can be done to replenish the capacity?

In most cases, the so-called calibration of the battery helps here. Try it out and look forward to the additional time bonus from your battery. Apple explains how the calibration works.

Tip 3: close unnecessary applications

Often many applications run parallel to each other on a MacBook, although only one is actively used. Perhaps you are surfing the Safari while Mail and Co. are running in parallel. The rule here is: less is more. Exit unused applications and only start them if required.

An alternative variant is to use an application that combines several services. For example, you can also follow your Twitter feed on Safari. A separate application is not actually necessary for this, although it may be more convenient.

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Tip 4: disable WiFi

Are you on the move with your MacBook or within direct range of a wired connection? Then disable the wireless adapter. Even if it is not connected, it still consumes electricity that you can certainly better use elsewhere.

Tip 5: disable Bluetooth

The ultimate power destroyer: Bluetooth. Especially when your iPhone or other devices are connected to the MacBook via wireless transmission technology, there is often no getting around. However, if you haven’t connected any devices, deactivate Bluetooth as soon as possible.

Tip 6: disable the keyboard backlight

The MacBook has attractive keyboard lighting, which can be particularly advantageous in dark surroundings. Unfortunately, this additional lighting also consumes a considerable amount of electricity. So if you can do without the illumination of your keys, you should switch this function off.

Tip 7: remove external devices

You have connected external drives to your MacBook that do not have their own power supply. Then they use the battery of your MacBook. Remove these devices when you don’t need them. Ideally, you only connect the devices when you need something.

Tip 8: remove CD / DVD

If you have a CD or DVD in your MacBook drive, you should eject it. Although these do not consume any electricity, the drive does. Especially when the CD is not needed, there are still short accesses. These can reduce the battery life of your MacBook.

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Tip 9: Use the economical graphics card

With the “gfxCardStatus-Tool”, your MacBook not only shows you which graphics card is currently in use. You can also switch. This is particularly useful for office applications that like to turn on powerful cards.

Activate the economical graphics card whenever possible and enjoy a bonus in the battery life of your MacBook.

Tip 10: store properly

If your MacBook is not going to be used for a few weeks or months, it is advisable to take the correct precautions. A fully charged or discharged battery does not count. The optimal loading capacity is 50 percent. In addition, the battery should be stored in a rather cool environment, but not less than 10 ° C.

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