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Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has many things. Man, Athlete, A-list celebrity and Animal Lover. He’s a man who sells men’s underpants, owns a line of cologne and stars in his own video game. But, above all else he is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, The God of Goals. Here are some crazy things that you didn’t know about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

You know the saying God must have a sense of humour . It’s a phrase that fits this football God to a tee. This is the story of one of the greatest, funniest and most original footballers to ever grace the beautiful game and the things you probably didn’t know about this prolific suite.

As a child, Zlatan revered Ronaldo. No, not that Ronaldo, but The original Brazilian Ronaldo, The Phenomenon. And in the late 1980’s in between plastering his bedroom walls with Ronaldo posters, Zlatan was a thief.

Not a thief in the sense of him stealing the MLS newcomer of the year award from Wayne Rooney or of him stealing the hearts of millions of women across the globe. Although, both of those statements are true.

Zlatan’s criminal history begins in Melmo, Sweden where he was raised in one of the city’s poorest districts. It was here the future great would often steal bicycles believing this was the only way to travel to and from training.

Not exactly a bank heist but petty boyish thievery. Nonetheless, flash ahead to 2019 and the prolific striker claims his life of crime is behind him and will take him at his word because today Zlatan makes a lot of zeroes as in he’s worth a lot of money as one of the richest footballers in the world.

The stolen five speeds have been replaced with a fleet of motorcycles , cars, lavish homes, swimming pools and enough bodying to make even Lil wayne say WoW.

Sweden’s all time leading goalscorer has an estimated worth of $250 million. With cash like that you’d imagine Ibrahimovic furnishing his many palaces with only the world’s most extravagant and expensive furniture. Not True, because Zlatan likes IKEA.

Infact, he’s admittedly obsessed with the ready to assemble furniture giant. Zlatan is totally in on the joke on Jimmy Kimmel live he confessed when his family first moved to LA, he asked his wife to furnish their entire multi million dollar mansion top to bottom in IKEA.

The free shoutout in one of America’s most popular talk shows did not go unnoticed by IKEA who just before the Galaxy season opener took to Twitter declaring Zlatan gets free Swedish meatballs for life. Yes! This is an actual tweet from IKEA.

Only a true original like Zlatan could use his larger-than-life personality to score free Swedish meatballs for life from a furniture store chain. Speaking of food, Zlatan has a Hamburger named after him. Ibrahimovic is hugely popular in France thanks to his historic run with PSG.

So, it shouldn’t surprise us one of paris’s all-time great has a burger named after him. Just like Zlatan himself the burger is as imposing as it is beefy loaded with 60 grams of meat and 3 layers of cheese and the name of the burger The Zlatan. Not the most original name but it’s delicious.

Coincidentally, Zlatan’s all-time favourite movie is Nickelodeon’s Good burger. Just Kidding!

Zlatan is obsessed with Scarface claiming to watch the film at least three or four times a year. Zlatan has even gone on record saying if ever they make a film about his life which they absolutely should Scarface star Al Pacino is the only man who can play him.

One of Pacino’s most famous sayings from scarface is “ The world is Yours”, and with over 31 trophies to his name, $250 million in the bank and free Swedish meatballs for life the world truly does belong to Zlatan THE GOD OF GOALS.

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