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If You Like Sports, Work As A Sports Manager

In recent years, sport and physical activity have become a social phenomenon that adds followers every day to raise awareness and promote the different public entities.

As a consequence of this fact, new needs arise that the market must meet. The increase in the consumption of products related to the physical-sports sector presents new job opportunities. Among them, the figure of the sports manager sounds strong. Do you want to know what is it about?

What are the functions of a sports manager?

In a summarized and generic way, it can be said that sports managers face, among others, the following functions:

Administrative function

  • Administer and manage all available resources efficiently.
  • Legally advise on sports law.
  • Control of expenses.

Coordinating role

  • Coordinate the human team.
  • Facilitate the integration of users to the facilities.

Planning function

  • Design, plan and evaluate physical activities.
  • Elaborates, executes, and controls sports projects.

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What qualification is required of a sports manager?

There is no consensus about the training necessary to practice as a sports manager. Therefore there are sports managers with very diverse professional profiles.

Analytical competencies stand out as a priority in the labour market for sports management professionals. They are joined by technological skills, teamwork and technical management, not to mention the obvious sports skills that the profession demands.

The qualifications that best fit the position are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports and related.
  • Degree in Business Administration with a Master’s Degree in Sports Management.

However, outside of them, other profiles also work as sports managers thanks to their administration, economics, and technology skills.

The figure of the sports manager has been consolidated in recent years, and the future looks promising for the profession. Training in this area is a safe job bet. If you are interested in this sector, there are subsidized online courses and private training that will help you acquire the skills and competencies necessary for the effective management of a sports facility.

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