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Empathy, Key To Good Customer Service

In order to talk about empathy, we will first define it. Empathy is a term that is defined as the ability of a person to understand the thoughts and emotions of others.

If we transfer empathy to customer service, we refer to the ability of the company, in this case, of the secretariat, to understand the client’s situation, which does not mean agreeing, but rather understanding and respecting their point of view.

How to be empathic?

Being an empath is not easy. When it comes to customer service, they tend to believe that they are always right and dealing with it is difficult. As we have already pointed out, being empathetic does not mean agreeing with the customer.

The first and most important thing for empathy is to listen carefully . Let the client explain and recount his situation without interruption, show interest in what he says and when he finishes offer him a solution , whether or not he likes it.

Hand in hand with empathy and in general in life and in any job you have to be respectful . If they speak badly to you or they disrespect you, you should not play along, debate, but always with education.

Benefits of empathy in customer service

The main benefit of applying empathy when working in customer service is to achieve customer loyalty. One of the aspects that customers value most is listening and interest. Therefore, it is essential that when a problem occurs or there is a question, the customer service offers a solution, whatever it may be.

In addition, it helps to understand and satisfy customer needs, which has a direct impact on the company’s economic benefits and its reputation. Satisfied customers equals customer loyalty and fidelity, as well as economic growth.

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