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What Is Scrum?

A team can approach projects using the Scrum method. The Scrum Team develops a partial product or an improvement of an existing product in so-called Scrum Sprints of 1 to 4 weeks.

With the help of Scrum, a team can deliver projects in a productive manner and quickly resolve any challenges that may arise.

What is done differently in Scrum? The Scrum Teams organize themselves and are made up of different experts and Scrum roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner).

The Scrum Master accompanies the process. He makes sure that the rules are followed and that efficient work is possible. A Scrum Master training course is offered for the role of Scrum Master. This includes, among other things, the entire Scrum theory, how to work effectively as a Scrum Master and how to inspire teams for the Scrum process.

Together with the team, the Scrum Master works for the Product Owner. He mediates between the customer and the team. Therefore, the product owner is always in contact with the customer, whose requirements and ideas he determines and forwards to the team.

In the Scrum method, these ideas are called user stories. User stories are listed in a directory called the product backlog. If a user story has the highest priority, it is included in the sprint backlog. There you can see the tasks that need to be completed in a specific sprint.

How does this method work? As already mentioned, a defined period of around two to four weeks is referred to as a sprint. A planning meeting is the start of a sprint, followed by the review and retrospective meeting. Each project can have a different number of sprints. A regular exchange of team members is important so that the tasks in the sprint can be carried out optimally. This exchange takes place in the Daily Scrum, a short daily team meeting.

When a sprint has been completed, a product or sub-product is delivered. This is followed by an evaluation and the customer can give feedback. The team can thus react quickly to adjustments and work even better. The process starts again in the next sprint after this review.

If the customer is not yet sure how certain tasks should be tackled, the Scrum method is used. The method is just as practical if it is not clear when changes are expected during the process.

Scrum fits well in companies that rely on the self-organization and skills of their employees, since Scrum teams organize themselves.

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