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Further Training In Companies: You Never Stop Learning

In companies, too, things change over time. Software is no longer supported by the manufacturer or does not even run. Requirements change. Then the employees need further training to learn how to cope with new solutions. But how does it work?

Microsoft Office tutorial

Microsoft Office is often used. The office suite has established itself as a quasi-standard and has changed significantly over time. This is not just the new ribbon interface since Office 2007, but also many new functions and peculiarities. With an office learning program from Know How! AG has been training employees for over 20 years to learn how to work efficiently with the office suite from Redmond. The educational software offered there is used successfully worldwide in over 14 languages. Over the years, the company has successfully accompanied over 1500 projects.

Employees don’t need to leave the workplace for further training. Thanks to the webinars, this can be done conveniently from anywhere – even from the home office if necessary. Because a webinar only needs an internet connection and a sufficiently up-to-date browser.

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Current software has advantages

The main reason is usually that IT has decided that the software should be updated. This has several advantages for everyone involved: The software is adapted to modern requirements (e.g., current operating systems) and is maintained by the manufacturer with bug fixes and security fixes. Older software usually no longer has support and then only runs as it runs.

This is a point that is becoming more and more important, especially in times when people are working more and more with the Internet and the cloud. Because security gaps can smuggle viruses and Trojans into the network, destroy the data or pass it on to the outside world. Good protection is therefore essential.

Continuing education as a prerequisite

Anyone who has ever switched to a new version of an operating system or application software knows that this changes more and less for daily work. Functions can be found elsewhere or behave differently. New properties are added. However, the employee should work as efficiently as possible and not familiarize himself with the software during working hours. In such cases, further training is the suitable means to keep everyone on the same level – because it cannot be expected that the employees deal with the software privately.

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