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Google Releases The Switch To Android App

Above all, iPhone users value the “one-stop construction” feature of the Apple smartphone. Hardware and software are perfectly matched and the processor is also top class. The whole thing is then rounded off with very long updates, which are not available in this form on Android. On the other hand, the Google OS offers significantly more freedom, which causes some people to consider switching. But in this case it is not that easy, because when you switch from an iPhone to an Android device, taking the data with you can cause difficulties. This is also a reason why many end up not changing.

Of course, Google doesn’t like that at all and will therefore soon be presenting a migration app called “Switch to Android”. At the moment it can only be accessed via a direct link to the App Store, later it will of course also be available in the Google Play Store. Only if this is the case, nothing stands in the way of using it. However, there can be no talk of a move “to the full extent”, because there are still a few restrictions.

With “Move to iOS”, Apple has been offering a relocation app for years that makes the switch from Android to an iPhone much easier. A lot of data is also transferred here, but a complete move is not possible here either. But you definitely don’t want to do without the application, otherwise you would have to transfer your pictures and videos, for example, much more cumbersomely.

Switch to Android can migrate this data

As can be seen on the official screenshots, calendar entries, photos and videos (from iCloud) can also be transferred in addition to contacts. The last two items will then be added to Google Photos. It is also practical that a switch to Android supports the move. For example, with the note that you should not forget to deactivate iMessage on the iPhone. Very often people don’t think about it and then there can be problems with the SMS delivery.

Switch to Android cannot migrate this data

So while Google’s app lets you take your pictures, etc. from an iPhone to an Android device, it’s a different story with apps and game progress. In this case, both are lost, so that the applications have to be downloaded and installed again. A small exception can exist in the game progress if, for example, you are connected to the Facebook account for the respective game. However, a general transfer of game progress is not possible.

This is by no means a criticism, because Apple also does not allow this data to be transferred with Move to iOS. However, the culprit is not necessarily a lack of will; some things also have technical reasons. Android and iOS are two completely different operating systems that differ, among other things, in their openness. While Google gives its users a lot of freedom, Apple doesn’t.

The good news is that almost all apps are available for both Android and iOS. Normally you will not have to do without anything, unfortunately purchased content is not included. These must be purchased again if required when changing the OS, there is no way around it. But at least it is also a good opportunity to bring order to the applications and to sort them out.

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