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How To Make Facebook Clearer

As a social network, Facebook provides a huge amount of information every day. Especially when you have a lot of friends and press the Like button on numerous pages, the flood of information quickly becomes confusing. We’ll give you some tips on how to tackle Facebook’s newsfeed chaos.

300 friends, 200 pages that were marked with the Like button, and then also sponsored posts – the overview within the Facebook news feed is quickly lost. Especially when all contacts actively post the social network. However, there are a few simple tips that can help you tame the chaos quickly.

Take advantage of the edge rank

One of the easiest ways to shed some light on your own news feed is the edge rank. Many Facebook users have nothing to do with it. After all, this is automatically generated by Facebook. The Edge Rank controls which messages appear in the newsfeed, among other things.

The following applies: The more important a message could be for you, the sooner it appears in the news feed. You can influence this rating yourself. Messages that are important to you should be given a Like. Comments also have a positive effect.

Create lists

Anyone who relies on the lists automatically generated by Facebook has already lost. It is better to specifically create your own lists and assign people to them. So you can bypass the news feed to a limited extent. Instead of constantly looking at the newsfeed on the start page, you immediately devote yourself to the lists.

These do not include pages that have been liked. You can quickly get an overview of the most important contact persons. The division into family, friends, and acquaintances can be reached quickly and effectively. Unnecessary lists should be deactivated.

Use browser plugins

One of the simpler tricks is to use a browser plug-in called Social Fixer. As soon as the plugin, which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, is installed, the newsfeed can be conveniently configured using it.

For example, it is possible to generate a “tabbed newsfeed”. This means that the newsfeed no longer folds down forever, but is divided into individual tabs according to keywords or topics. This allows you to take a look at the areas that are really of interest, one at a time, without being overwhelmed by a flood of news.

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