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How To Choose A Second-hand iPhone?

Die-hard followers of Android technologies and die-hard fans of Apple products will find what they like in their favorites, most often in Android’s reasonable price and in Apple’s user-friendliness. If you are thinking about buying an iPhone from Apple, F-mobile will help you combine affordability with Apple quality-a second-hand iPhone! In this article, we will tell you how to find an iPhone like new with our connoisseurs.

We will make the choice for you!

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the following points, which guarantee that the iPhone is in excellent condition, are checked by our connoisseurs and phones that do not meet them are not included in the sale. Every used iPhone goes through the hands of experienced technicians who check whether the mobile phone is in 100% condition! However, if you would like to see for yourself, you can follow the advice we have prepared for you.

Looks matter!

In our e-shop, among the information for each second-hand iPhone , you will find a description of its quality, so you can be sure that you are not buying a rabbit in the bag. But if you are buying the phone personally, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of the phone itself. Is it scratched or dented? These are defects caused by use, but they do not necessarily mean that the phone is not working well.

A bent phone is a worse sign. Bending can mean severe damage to the internal components, avoid such a phone.

What is the condition of the phone from the inside?

If you want to see for yourself that our experts select phones in phenomenal condition, you would do well to test some basic iPhone functions directly in the store.

  • Battery – With years of use, iPhone battery capacity decreases. In the Settings application, in the Battery section, you will find out what percentage of its initial battery capacity it has. If the capacity is higher than 80%, then everything is normal and there is no reason to worry. If the capacity drops below 70%, this is a clear signal for replacement. We provide at least a 6-month warranty for our bazaar phones, even for bazaar items!
  • Take any SIM card with you to the store. Put it in the iPhone and try to call any other phone. This will check both the functionality of the microphone and the speaker.
  • Furthermore, we check for you other, so-called native apps like camera, music player and so on.

Is the phone really yours?

In Settings, check whether the mobile phone is really signed out of the Apple ID. If the iPhone is not signed out, and our connoisseurs would not check this for you, it could mean quite significant complications. You wouldn’t be able to use Apple Pay, the former owner could track what you do with the iPhone, and if you need to reset the phone, you can’t get into it without an Apple ID code.

We also check the serial number of the phone for you. On the Apple website, in the Coverage Verification category, you will find a field in which you enter the phone’s serial number, which you can find in Settings, in the General category, in the Information section. This way you will find out if the phone is under warranty and if it is not stolen.

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