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Tips For Buying A Used Smartphone

When we conclude a new contract, the decision is usually easy. Because here is a high-quality mobile phone for a small, rather symbolic fee, usually already included.

The situation is different if we need a new device without a contract due to theft or a breakdown with our old cell phone. Especially when it comes to SIM-free smartphones, the selection in some stores isn’t all that big.

It doesn’t always have to be a brand new device!

This is gradually changing, but instead of a completely new smartphone, we could also think about second-hand goods. After all, the production of mobile phones devours valuable precious metals and is also associated with high CO2 emissions, so that every smartphone that we buy contributes (s) to more sustainability and environmental protection on our planet.

What to look out for when buying a used cell phone?

In fact , there are usually numerous advertisements in classified ad portals in which smartphones are sold by private individuals – here of course mostly without any guarantee. The situation is different for professional dealers who offer refurbished cell phones, so-called B-Ware (cell phones without packaging or with small blemishes) or also exhibits.

In order for the purchase to be a good deal, however, a few things should also be considered here. Therefore, make sure that the accessories – such as the charging cable and connection to your laptop – are complete. Because if cables or batteries have to be bought later, a supposed bargain can turn out to be more expensive than expected.

Avoid devices that are too old!

In addition, a used cell phone should not be too old. It’s not just about visual defects, which almost inevitably appear over the years and with regular use. Because with mobile phones that are older than 4 or 5 years, sooner or later the security updates could fail.

In addition, of course, the batteries suffer (of course also depending on the charging behavior of the previous owner), the longer they were in use.

What are other buyers saying?

In general, common sense and a certain amount of distrust make sense when buying a used smartphone. You should therefore primarily trust sellers who have posted numerous pictures showing the mobile phone from both sides.

In addition, you should avoid paying in advance (generally applies to online purchases), unless this is secured via the classifieds portal itself or a payment service. Especially with professional traders, a look at the ratings makes sense.

This is how you get an overview of how satisfied other customers who bought before you were. This is also about delivery times and the purchase process in general. And this is – next to the condition of the goods – an important feature in terms of customer satisfaction!

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