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How To Create An E-commerce Site For Free?

Online commerce is growing at a steady pace despite global economic uncertainty. As a result, many businesses opt for the creation of an e-commerce site. Very easy to create, no need for advanced programming knowledge to have an e-commerce site. From WordPress to ePro Shopping via PrestaShop, future merchants have the choice between several solutions to create an e-commerce site for free.


You can easily create your e-commerce site with this e-commerce platform . It is easy to install and has a multitude of themes that facilitate the customization of your merchant site.

PrestaShop also offers many extensions that allow you to add functionality to your store . Certainly, several extensions are free, but you can pay for others that will make it easier for you to create your e-commerce site.


Considered the number 1 CMS , WordPress provides you with several plugins that will facilitate your project to create an e-commerce site. In addition, in a few clicks, you have access to a library that integrates thousands of themes to customize your platform.

Of course, this CMS is easy to use, but with the mastery of HTML and CSS languages , you will be able to make full use of the resources of WordPress. Like these languages, here are five things to know to create your online sales website .

Wix eCommerce

Also easy to use, you can build your e-commerce site and grow your business with Wix ecommerce. With hundreds of customizable templates at your disposal, you can create an e-commerce site in your image and according to your needs.

With Wix ecommerce, it becomes easy to create a unique shopping experience , namely: storefront , presentation of items , shopping cart , etc. The great thing about Wix ecommerce is that you can connect all the necessary tools, software, and fulfillment services. In addition, it integrates several sales channels such as:

  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Shopping

With this feature, you can easily reach as many customers as possible using Wix e-commerce.

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This open source tool launched in 2008 also allows you to create an e-commerce site without necessarily having technical knowledge of programming. You can create a fully customizable e-commerce site with the many templates it offers.

In addition, it has several native applications to manage all aspects of your online business. Indeed, opting for Magento allows you to benefit from marketing tools , inventory management tools , emailing , natural referencing tools , etc.


This alternative to create an e-commerce site is a suitable solution for small shops. Indeed, this turnkey open source e-commerce solution is recommended for start-ups and small merchants .

This is mainly due to its quick installation and relatively low cost compared to other tools. However, it remains limited in terms of functionality and customization compared to other competing tools.

ePro Shopping

This free solution for creating an e-commerce site is also a 100% made in France product. An “ all-in-one ” solution   , ePro Shopping has nothing to envy its competitors. Moreover, this solution stands out for its many features .

Apart from this quality, this tool also stands out for its simplicity and the quality of its technical support . It provides you with everything you need to set up a professional e-commerce site, free of charge.

Like these free tools, Drupal Commerce , VirtueMart and ZenCart are other alternatives to create an e-commerce site for free. osCommerce , a solution for budding developers, is also a free and open source solution that installs easily on any dedicated server.

How to ensure the reliability of an e-commerce site?

Even if you are looking to create an e-commerce site for free, you must also put yourself in the shoes of the people who visit your site. It is therefore important to offer them the best possible user experience , from a computer, a digital tablet, but above all a smartphone.

To this, you should know that your future customers will necessarily do a search on your e-commerce site, in order to ensure that they buy from a reliable site. You must therefore be vigilant with the notices posted on the Internet . If you notice negative reviews, take the time to respond to them, keeping calm and presenting relevant arguments. Also offer secure payment methods to reassure the buyer.

In addition, they can also check e-commerce through a free anti-scam site that analyzes e-commerce sites . Feel free to take the test to find out how it works. Simply

  • Go to a search engine or directly to an e‑commerce site
  • Click on “share” to the right of the address bar
  • Select the site dedicated to the analysis
  • View information

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