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How To Double Your Social Media Follower Number: Tips And Tricks For Businesses

Rome was built after one day, too! But this empire would not have existed if the Romans had never laid the first stone. The same applies to your social media presence. If you never start building an appealing Facebook presence, the influx of followers will look bad.

Find out what interests your followers

As an entrepreneur, how can you ensure that your efforts bear fruit? You can easily find out what your followers are interested in!

Imagine you run an IT company, regularly post pictures of the team’s everyday work, and give tips on working with an RMM agent. Do you know whether your followers are enthusiastic about it, or are there other topics that would appeal to them more?

To find out, look at your posts’ engagement rate. What content gets the most likes and comments? What types of questions do your followers ask you? This feedback is precious and can help you understand what type of content your followers like best.

It’s also worth taking a look at what your competitors are doing. What works well for them? What content generates the highest response from your follower base? Of course, you shouldn’t just use the copy-and-paste tactic – but you can draw inspiration from this.

Use the power of sharing and reposting

One of the most significant benefits of sharing is that it creates a win-win situation for both parties. By building good relationships with other companies or your followers and sharing their content, they will also show appreciation and spread your posts; the result? An exponentially growing number of followers! However, some critical aspects must be considered: Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and brand. For example, it wouldn’t make sense for the IT software company NinjaOne to share posts about healthy eating. Also, always use appropriate quotes or tags with every repost – this makes the original author more visible while increasing their visibility in your community.

Attract attention through storytelling

When we hear stories, we are much more inclined to listen. A well-told story can captivate and transport us. Use this principle for your company, too! Tell the story behind your product or brand – how it came about, what challenges were overcome and what added value it offers your customers. A successful story awakens emotions in the reader and allows him to identify with you. This creates a connection and promotes trust in your brand. At the same time, your message will be remembered better – people are likelier to remember stories than dry advertising messages. Pay attention to authenticity! Nobody wants to be fooled by a made-up story. Show real people from your team or enthusiastic customers to add credibility to your accounts.

Be active – ask and interact!

There are thousands of companies on social media, but many don’t take this platform seriously! They occasionally post a post, but nothing more. The result? A more passive online presence – the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. So it’s not just important to share content, but also to actively interact on Facebook and Co. However, by being proactive and encouraging followers to get involved through their posts, a dialogue is created between the company and its community. This can be done through simple measures such as asking users for their opinions or experiences. Let’s say your company posts an image of a new product – instead of just adding text, you could also ask, “What do you think?” This type of engagement signals appreciation to your followers and shows them that their voice is heard.

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