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How To Increase Blog Visits

First of all, do you know how to increase blog visits? With so many new blogs every day it can seem difficult to stand out from the crowd. Do not panic! It’s simple.

What is the reader looking for?

Users want quality content and with a good article we can get a lot of followers on our Blog. Saying it, or in this case writing it is simple, but in addition to having good content, we must follow “rules” that make Google and users value our work.

There are many types of blog, of different themes. How to increase visits to a blog? The tactics that we show you are applicable to almost all of them:

Buy a separate domain

Another option can be to create a page on your existing site or create a subdomain.

Avoid hosted services that don’t allow you to use your domain name. A domain of your own will show more confidence to your readers, Google will also appreciate it and give you a better position.

Get a customizable CMS

WordPress is one of the best known. This content manager allows us to personalize our blog and add new functionalities.

Customize your Blog

The first thing your reader will see is the appearance. This factor can make the user stay on the web reading the content or go out and look for information on another site. Therefore, you should look for an attractive design in addition to worrying about the content. Changing the design periodically will make us update constantly.

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Use relevant keywords in your content

Analyze the latest trends to find out which terms are most searched for on the internet. Today, there are many tools such as WordTracker, SitePoint or SEOBook that allow us to do an exhaustive analysis of our results with detailed reports.

Template optimization

RSS subscription options, links to social networks, unique URLs, site-map… This part is the most “technical”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I recommend that you visit a web developer.

Add plugins in your Blog

Extensions like “Yoast SEO” show notices in the management panel to determine the quality of your article and improve it. It also indicates how to write the title, meta descriptions among other aspects. Other plugins are used to add design and display functionalities.

Enables statistics for traffic monitoring

Knowing how many users your website has and analyzing where they move is one of the most important factors to achieve success. Google Analytics is the most recommended and used option.

Introducing videos

If you are creative you can record yourself. Youtube videos can report visits to your blog. You will make your blog more interactive. If you are more reserved or hesitant, you can implement videos from other creators, multimedia content is essential.

Competitor research

Knowing what bloggers who talk about the same topic post is essential. You can always learn from your competitors and find new ideas.

Post periodically

If you have a news blog, we recommend posting 3 to 5 times a day. If it is a regular blog, 3-5 times a week. Remember: your content must be unique and of high value.

Respond to your readers

You should always respond to comments on your blog. When you detect that another Blogger has mentioned you .. thank him!

Contact other Bloggers

Connect with other bloggers. You will have more points of view, you will be able to comment on ideas and grow together with opinions and / or past experiences.

You can use social networks or forums to connect with bloggers nearby or on the same topic.

Cite the source of the content with a link

When making blog entries you must cite the source with a link. You’re probably not doing it, don’t be afraid to talk about popular bloggers by name.

How to increase the visits of a blog in record time

Promoting yourself on social profiles and getting links from relevant websites will make a difference. Analyze your target audience, what would they search on Google? What are the viral issues in the sector?

In conclusion, by following these steps you can become a relevant blogger. At first it will cost you more work, organizing your time, with a couple of hours a day will be a piece of cake.

At Marketingo we help you achieve it. We will explain how to increase the visits of a blog and we will develop the relevant activities to achieve the relevance you deserve.

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