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Infallible Tips For Studying And Working Without Going Crazy

Studying and working simultaneously is, nowadays, something complicated to do, but not impossible.

But don’t let this discourage you, either because you want to save money or pay for your studies or maintenance. Here we will tell you the seven tips to study and work simultaneously and not die trying.

Working and studying at the same time is possible. Follow these tips:

Keep order

If you are not in the habit of organizing your days in agendas, you will have to get to it. It is tremendously important, especially when studying and working simultaneously, that you maintain order and an organization for everything.

Organize your days by hours, establish times for each activity and try to fulfill them as much as possible (without affecting your effectiveness or learning). For example, on Saturdays and Sundays, if you have them accessible, organize them to the maximum to be able to do everything that you have not been able to do the rest of the week, such as cleaning the house, cooking something (and that is left over to take it with you) or doing the wash.

If you are not a fan of notebooks and diaries, fear not. There are currently hundreds of applications that allow us to organize our days, set alarms, reminders, classify activities by categories or colors, and set priorities. Find the one that best suits you.

Make time for yourself

Working and studying simultaneously doesn’t mean that you can’t make time for yourself now and then. It is important not to abandon hobbies or stop meeting friends or family. Resting and marking the appropriate times in your schedule is also learning to study.

Once a week, you can reserve some time to play the guitar, watch your favorite series or go to visit a museum. This is important, as it helps to disconnect and not succumb so easily to stress.

Reduce time

Trying to optimize time as much as possible is essential. We often indulge too much in some daily activities that may not be worth as much time as we dedicate to them. That is why we must think about what activities are eternal and shorten times.

For example, instead of taking a bath, take a shower, shorten naps or spend less time watching TV. Today the Internet can help us save a lot of time. For example, we do not have to go shopping at the market or a shopping center, and we can ask for the purchase to be brought home online or buy clothes or anything else online. We need. We suggest that you draw up a list of things in which you will have to reduce time if you want to work and study simultaneously. Once you have it prepared, you will be able to establish your goals.

Be realistic

Don’t push yourself too hard if you can’t. Our health is first, and if you see that you will not combine both, it is better to lower the bar or be flexible with ourselves. Looking for jobs that require less stress or repeating a year are things that can happen, and nothing happens because they happen. Working and studying simultaneously means living too fast but not necessarily being plagued by job stress.

It would help if you analyzed yourself before starting anything, be realistic about the amount of stress you will be exposed to, and assess what is best for you.

Set goals

Leaving everything to the future is not a good idea as a general rule, but when it comes to combining studies and work, this becomes almost forbidden.

If we establish specific objectives, it will be easier for us to achieve them, and if we write these objectives on a list to cross them off as we complete them, we will be more motivated.

Inform everyone that you combine both activities

It may seem absurd, but letting our bosses or colleagues know that we are studying and working simultaneously can help us gain some understanding or sympathy. It also says a lot about us as people since it indicates that we make an effort and that we are responsible and committed adults.

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