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Landing Page And E-commerce – Opportunities And Challenges

The window display is for the retailer, and the landing page is for the online shop operator. People walk past a shop window with no display or carelessly draped goods without taking a long look at it. And a dirty window is a deterrent. Anyone who positions their products effectively and decorates the display originally attracts customers to their store. Like the shop window in a store, the landing page in e-commerce also represents a value proposition. It encourages visitors to browse the online shop or website and, in the best case, become customers.

This is what makes a successful landing page

A landing page in e-commerce is an independent website that ideally turns visitors into buyers. People who have searched for a specific term and found their way to the landing page via the ranking of the results page, as well as users who have clicked on a link in an email or a link as part of an advertising campaign, end up on the landing page. The landing page, therefore, has a very specific purpose and a specific target group. It usually contains the following components:

  • Headlines
  • keywords
  • Content
  • A lead capture form
  • recommendations
  • The possibility for social sharing or social buttons
  • A call to action
  • Images and videos

Various points should be taken into account.

An attractive design

The appearance and structure of the page design have an influence on the success of the landing page that should not be underestimated. All elements of the page should work towards the goal of achieving conversions. These can consist of filling out a form, making a purchase, subscribing to the newsletter, or downloading an e-book. To achieve this, colors and images are used specifically. In this sense, for example, attention is paid to a strong contrast between the background and buttons as well as the placement of buttons.

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Less is more

Minimalist landing pages are usually better received. Clear and intuitive navigation and little distraction – such as pop-ups – are required. Otherwise, visitors will quickly become frustrated and leave the site early. Too much information can also be overwhelming. Bullet points and the ability to guide visitors into the funnel based on the information have proven successful. Optional clickable videos are a popular format for further information.

A good landing page makes a good offer and is able to explain what makes the offer so valuable briefly. The efficient use of lists, headings, and subheadings is important for this.

Less is more applies not only to the landing page itself but also to the forms there. As a business, you want to get as much information as possible about your website visitors, but it’s smarter to have users fill out as few fields as possible. The higher the chance that the desired conversion will not be canceled halfway through.

Build trust

Landing pages can further convince visitors with special trust signals. Statements from testimonials are such signals, as are customer reviews or likes. Trust badges are also strong signals of trust. These are often brands that have worked with or references to groups and coalitions to which a company belongs.


The word should have gotten around in the e-commerce sector by now that more and more searches and purchases are taking place via smartphones. However, not all companies have converted their landing pages into mobile-friendly versions. A mobile-friendly website can double the conversion rate. A landing page should definitely look good on mobile devices and be easy to navigate.

A landing page for each target group

If you want to address different target groups, you should adapt your landing pages accordingly. A user who reaches a landing page via a Facebook advertisement should be addressed differently than a user who already receives the company’s newsletter and lands on the landing page via a link there.

Align ads and landing page

Anyone who leads users to landing pages from PPC ads should make sure that the ad’s keywords appear in the text of the landing page. This form of consistency is convincing and shows the visitor that they have landed on the desired content.

Test, test, test

Without thorough testing and tracking results, no company will ever know what they are doing well when it comes to their landing page and where they need improvement.

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