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Marketing On A Budget: Tips That Really Anyone Can Implement

It doesn’t always have to be the big serve. Even companies with a small budget can use effective marketing. In this article you will get four tips and ideas for “low-budget marketing”.

1. Optimize your website

Your own website is probably the most important marketing tool. It is the number one point of contact for customers and partners. Therefore, it should be optimized according to your own goals. This is also possible with a small budget.

Look at the texts and the structure of your website. Is everything designed to be understandable and user-friendly? Are there any open questions or topics that might interest your visitors? Does the site itself look attractive?

Above all, the first impression and user guidance count. Even with a small budget, you can take care of a tidy layout, optimize your texts and ensure decent navigation. Very important: Of course, the site should also be accessible and usable on mobile devices. If you don’t do your homework here, you will reach the limits of growth relatively quickly.

Marketing with your own website – this is possible with a small budget:

  • Simplify the user guidance of the navigation
  • Ensure that the pages are structured in an uncomplicated and clear manner
  • Optimize the site for mobile use
  • Include clear call-to-action buttons
  • Take care of a tidy layout
  • Ensure that the language in the texts is simple and persuasive

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2. Cooperate with other companies

Cooperations are an effective means of low-budget marketing. As a rule, both sides benefit without having to spend a lot of money. Working with other companies or organizations can lead to new contacts, customers and more exposure for your company.

Think about which companies or organizations fit your target group and try to create a win-win situation: maybe you can organize an event together or run a marketing campaign together to save money. There are different ideas and approaches here.

Marketing cooperations for little money:

  • Guest posting on blogs or websites: Reach out to other companies or bloggers in your industry and offer to guest post on their website. In this post you can present your company and your products or services. Of course, you should offer added value and good content – ​​i.e. expertise.
  • Joint campaigns or events: Organize a campaign or event together with one or more other companies. This can be, for example, a raffle on social media or a joint information stand at an event. In this way, you can reach your target group together and benefit from each other’s reputation. Ideally, the offers complement each other so that you do not have to compete directly.
  • Cross-promotion on social media: Cooperate with other companies on social media and exchange posts or stories with each other. Or leads public debates, sets a sign for something good together – that can also strengthen your image.
  • Linking on websites or in emails: Link to another company’s website or newsletter and ask them to do the same for you. In this way, potential customers who have not yet heard of your company can become aware of you.
  • Product bundling: Offer a product bundle with another company that includes products from both companies. This creates added value for the customers and they get to know the other company directly.
  • Co-branding: With co-branding, you offer articles or products that either only contain the brand of the other company or a part of the products. An example is an ice cream flavored by a well-known chocolate manufacturer. You benefit from the awareness of the other brand.

3. Try unconventional methods

A lot of things in marketing are part of everyday life and familiar: the social media post, the e-mail, the magazine article. That’s why it’s important to stand out. And you can do it on a small budget too. Be creative and experiment with guerrilla marketing, for example.

Guerrilla marketing is an inexpensive and unconventional way to generate awareness for your business. Think about which places or actions are suitable for your target group and be creative. An example could be placing your products in unusual places or launching a viral billboard campaign in your city. The more creative the ideas are, the more likely it is that people will take them up and, ideally, share them on social media. This extends your campaign digitally without you having to spend a cent of your marketing budget.

Ideas for guerrilla marketing on a budget:

  • Sticker Marketing: Create creative stickers with your company logo or slogan and distribute them in public places.
  • Street Art: Create cool street art with your company logo or message.
  • Guerrilla Projection: Project your logo or message onto walls or buildings.
  • Poster: Create creative posters that invite people to share them on social media.

4. Position yourself as an expert in your industry

Instead of booking advertising for your product or service – which is often quite expensive – it is more effective to position yourself or your company as an expert at the start. This is especially true for companies with a small budget. An expert status can ideally support low-budget marketing measures.

When you position yourself as an expert, you show that you have deep knowledge and experience in your field. This can help you differentiate yourself from other providers and establish yourself as a valuable source of information and solutions.

Ideas to increase your expert status with little money:

  • Blogging: Write articles on your topic regularly and share them on social media channels and in relevant online communities. The better the added value of the posts, the more likely it is that you will be found and remembered.
  • Social Media Discussions: Participate in discussions in relevant groups and among relevant posts on social media. This is how you will be perceived by the target group.
  • Podcasts: Start a podcast where you share your expertise and conduct interviews with other experts in your field. Think again about cooperation with other companies.
  • Webinars: Offer webinars in which you share your knowledge and know-how and answer questions from participants.
  • Specialist articles: Write specialist articles for relevant online magazines and platforms to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Speakings at conferences: Apply to speak at conferences and share your knowledge with the target group.
  • Corporate Influencer: Try to motivate your employees to be perceived as experts themselves on LinkedIn or other networks. To do this, they must write regularly on their topic.

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