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Mobile Marketing To Strengthen Corporate Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing or m-mobile refers to all marketing techniques related to the use of mobile terminals, mainly smartphones.

Mobile marketing has developed with the deployment of uses of mobile terminals. In 2015, according to Google, an individual uses their smartphone approximately 150 times in one day. The number of searches on Google from mobiles thus exceeds those made from a fixed computer. The new responsive mobile versions now allow the display of websites and mobile applications.

The five benefits of mobile marketing

A possibility of customizing commercial actions

Personalizing commercial actions is very effective in marketing. Mobile marketing offers this possibility. Today, the product is “pushed” towards the prospect or the customer whereas before, it was up to them to seek the product. This new technique makes it possible to target specific qualified customers.

Benefit from instant communication

Creating and sending mobile marketing campaigns becomes easier, and the return is instantaneous. For example, the case of the reception, the opening and the reading of the advertising messages are done in a few seconds and if it is the good target, the repercussions will be positive.

Wide opportunity to reach customers

Mobile marketing makes it possible to reach customers at any time, anywhere, and via all connected objects (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Affordable communication for profitable marketing

By using messaging system such as SMS, MMS, Social Networks, Skype, Push Notification, … the cost of producing, distributing promotions to a target audience is reduced to a minimum.

Opportunity to have new customers

Thanks to certain mobile marketing applications, the geolocation of new customers close to the place of commerce becomes possible. This new practice thus makes it possible to enlarge the clientele and personalize the scope of the advertising campaign.

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