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WhatsApp And Social Networks To Improve The Customer Experience

The traditional vision of customer service exclusively through conventional channels such as the telephone or a simple contact form limits the possibilities of growth and optimization of resources of any brand. Thanks to digital and new technologies, consumers are in many more places where it is adequate to communicate with them.

Today more and more people turn to social networks to ask their questions and express their problems. For example, according to a report by Zendesk, inquiries to customer services via WhatsApp increased by as much as 200% in the EMEA region over the past year.

During the session, they will address this interrelation between customers and brands through social networks or other platforms and its benefit for the customer experience. At the meeting, best practices and success stories will be put on the table to show how the quality of social messaging, whether through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other scenarios, directly impacts income generation. There will also be a demo on working the relationship with the client through these informal channels.

The data speaks for itself. A Sprout Social survey recently revealed that 78% showed greater availability to purchase after a positive experience with the brand on social media.

According to Experts, “technology can offer precious data to know the degree of satisfaction and customers’ concerns. But more importantly, these new technologies provide the ability to achieve omnichannel and achieve scalability of the organization, positively impacting the customer experience”.

The brands that we see that are using social messaging correctly connect in a more personal way with customers and offer a more human contact, thus creating a differentiating factor against their competition.”

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