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Nyaa Torrents – Download Free Anime, TV Shows, TV-Series And Manga From NyaaTorrents [2024]

Nyaa Torrents is the leading Torrent website in furnishing Anime shows. An abundance of Anime episodes, shows are present on the Nyaa website. Nyaa is the presiding website that has most of the Anime episodes to its visitors or users furnishes download links of the Anime content. Along with Anime, the website consists of Torrents for Manga, various movies, and many discrete games.

A plentiful amount of Anime shows to download, and Nyaa, a torrent site, is the dwelling place for most of them. Nyaa has a stock of the latest to old content globally; if anyone is looking for the stuff, Nyaa is the better hub.

What Is Nyaa?

The website Nyaa gathered many users or audiences, spreading its popularity among various online platforms, community forums through the regular audience. Many websites, along with the anime industry, are considered best in providing or giving substances, are unsuccessful in drawing attention to a significant audience, hence acquiring insufficient Fame in the market.

Other than torrenting sites, many platforms like streaming sites don’t publish anime movies, TV series, so the chance for publishing anime is left out to torrent websites.

Nyaa is a popular torrent website for getting Anime. It contains dubbed stuff for free, has countless manga, music videos, live-action series, movies, etc. comprises other countries like China, Korea, Japan, English translations, and various contents of other languages. Video games, software are the other extra contents present on the website’s list. Users not only download the stuff but can also upload them to the website.

History of Nyaa website

The available content is for free there is no need to register or sign up for entering into the website Nyaa. It helps you navigate the entire website with comfort and certainty. The originators themselves closed the website Nyaa and the other domains of the leading anime website in 2017, so many users could not access the site for some years. But in 2020, it started its websites again, but it is not free from claims or acquisitions from corporate issues.

Initially, Nyaa’s EU and org domains went down, a month later, Nyaa. EU started working like previously but not by the owners themselves but by third parties. So by this, we can know that the fraudsters or crooks snatched the domain so that when a user enters, downloads content, there will be a threat of malware, virus transfer to their accessing devices.

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Maintenance of The Nyaa website

The website exciting thing is giving a color-coded system to indicate the authorized and secure content dispensed by Nyaa. furnishes filter options for users; there is a possibility to filter search results to acquire reliable torrents. So in this process, there is no scope for virus downloads.

Green links

The green highlighted links indicate, users can trust the torrent link and can download harmlessly.

Red links

Red links indicate the stuff contains file names missing, with a different filename and with separate files.

Orange links

Files in orange color link indicate group files, the website upload full episodes of any show that means bulk entry onto the website.

Grey links

Files with grey color links indicate hidden ones; the originators discuss displaying the files on the grey links to hide visitors.

How To Download Anime from Nyaa?

  • Initially, to download and install torrent software on your device, one needs torrent clients like BitTorrent, UTorrent, and Vuze. The above three torrent clients are opted for by many internet surfers, which is the first step in downloading.
  • The links lead to the Nyaa torrent site’s home page. Enter the Anime name you want to explore from numerous animation, Korean dramas, Chinese, Japanese movies, and movies from various countries.
  • The movie’s website itself filters searches and provides results of most similar ones from the diverse categories. The website furnishes dubbed Anime, live movies, etc.
  • The website leads you to the magnetic link of the search result, where you can find the download option.
  • Before downloading the file, once you go through the details given regarding the content, reduce the risk of damage to the device.
  • The users give many feedback comments regarding particular stuff and can get feedback before downloading.
  • Click on the download Torrent and add the torrent file by launching the Torrent client.
  • There is an option called magnet download. Select it to insert the torrent file within the Torrent client instantly.
  • Later, installed software asks to select the location for saving the files.
  • Please select it and click on Ok; the client does the remaining work.

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What Are The Proxies and Mirrors of The Website?

Quite a few countries of the world banned Nyaa; because of that, no one can directly reach the website. By considering the user’s traffic, providers come up with Proxies and Mirror sites to get the contents of the actual website. That is the reason for emerging proxies for most of the torrent websites here for Nyaa.

The unknown creators of the main website and staff run the Proxies and Mirrors. They run the website by hiding themselves along with the user particulars from the authorities. List of Proxies and Mirror sites of Nyaa mentioned below.

Nyaa Proxy/Mirror Urls List

  • –
  • – (USE VPN)
  • –
  • Nyaa Proxy 13 –
  • Nyaa Proxy 14 –
  • – (USE VPN)
  • Nyaa Proxy 1 –
  • – (USE VPN)
  • – (USE VPN) is one of the mirror sites of Nyaa hugely used by many users for Anime and Manga on the website. The mirror site has an extensive collection of various stuff; as a result, it became famous among its audience.

The proxy site is comfortable to use and adaptable. Allows every user to download stuff from the site by furnishing torrent download links. This mirror site, Nyaa1.unblocked, also has a plentitude of elements on Anime and Manga. That is why the proxy gained so much recognition from the frequenters.

This website,, has elements that the primary webpage contains and is gradually gaining attention from users during recent times.

Throughout the Nyaas Proxies and Mirrors is the top site. It contains all the primitive elements present in the central initial server of Nyaa before its closure. The website accords or confers the links to download, stream the trustable links.

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Opted by most gamers, users prefer this mirror link for games that constitutes links of various games, shows, and books of Anime, etc.

Most of the above mirror link users are Americans as they created the website to disguise themselves from the cybersecurity of America, for protecting the details of the users. Anime fans can find their favorite shows through the torrent.

Here the torrent mirror sites service is fast, has a brisk downloading capacity, and is the most credible website to depend on with fan’s favorite shows, favorite anime shows.

In Japan, the proxy or mirror site has emerged. Still, viewers of Anime from around the world cannot watch the programs telecasted in Japan even though many legal websites gained the rights from most of the animation to telecast on their platforms. People like to watch them online, download from only torrent websites for free of cost since torrent websites like Nyaa have an extensive collection of stuff.

As the followers of the shows are huge, millions of users visit the website daily to explore their favorite anime show even though it requires a lot of data to download all the episodes. Among other mirror sites, this site is the largest with libraries, torrent files, anime shows, games or manga, etc.

Unblock Nyaa Torrents Using VPN

Firstly, the safety measures to take while using the Nyaa website are retrieving the data by installing the VPN. If you find your ISP is blocked, the safest way to access the content is VPN. Select the best VPN from the top VPNs option with a reasonable premium cost. So VPN covers up the Identity of a user and the location of the user.

Check whether your anti-virus of the device is up to date; if not, upgrade your anti-virus. As the website is public, visited mainly by the vast communities, be aware of the uploaded stuff on the website. May give sometimes unauthentic content to the website, so download only verified torrents from Nyaa.

Before taking a subscription to VPN, follow a guide and select a torrent client that ensures current security configuration, IP binding. For IP binding, the process is first to sign up for VPN service, acquire the latest IP address. Your torrent client will have a particular field for IP binding in that field to enter the IP address. If you enable the IP binding on the torrent client, it won’t take another IP address. You can find the latest VPN-enabled IP address on sites like

Advantages of VPN during the download process

  • Conceals browsing history and IP address of the user
  • Encrypts the inward as well as outward flowing data
  • Guards from viruses and malware


  • Avoid Multitasking due to slowing speed of internet.
  • It doesn’t allow bulk downloads.

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Alternatives To Nyaa Torrents

Previously there was difficulty in getting the Anime content apart from Japan and Asia. Although platforms are emerging with the contents, they are for subscription and premier charges many people cannot afford—the go-to websites of Anime fans for downloading, watching online for free.


After the closure of the Nyaa website, it came into the limelight and became the most considered platform for animal lovers. The only difference between Nyaa and SubsPlease is, here on this website, users cannot upload. SubsPlease is free from online advertisements, so there is no need to install adblocker extensions and no place for redirects and popups.

The main disadvantage of the SubsPlease website is they are providing only English subtitles because the website is posting within hours, so it is impossible to update in different languages in less period. Furnishing content with varying languages hours after releasing is complex.


The private torrenting site requires signup or registration and has 20000 torrent files on it, and the process is not very easy; it concentrates on Japanese content. And the process is complicated; if a user wants to enter and needs an invite, the user must face an interview with the site moderator through Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

The above process is to supply a user with the finest standard shows. If any user wants to download 2MB files, a user needs to upload at least 1 MB file to replace and plant torrents on the website.


It was started in 2003 and is the oldest website with anime Bit torrent trackers. On the website AniRena, various categories of Anime, raw content, music, etc., of 14000+ torrents are available. The website has the largest community of users with no need for registration and has a chat facility for casual and registered members. Like many other torrent sites, this also faced a ban of a few years but emerged later.

Is It Safe To Use Nyaa To Download Anime?

Cloudflare, which deals with most traffic data worldwide, sent notices against the website due to copyright issues. Later the Motion Picture Association ( MPA) sent a letter to cut off the actions of the website even after the notice by the above two companies; Nyaa didn’t even stop its functions and is still maintaining it with tons of users or visitors.

Even if this is the only website that consists of Anime that is not available anywhere, don’t try to access it as gathering substances from the above website can lead you to legal trouble, which means encouraging piracy, so never push yourself into offense.


Among many anime torrent websites, the most opted website is Nyaa, without a doubt. Initially, it faced several challenges and shut down due to external pressures. Later started with more force by gathering the same old millions of users again. Due to its content, most of the legal animation companies issued letters against it. Even if it is the best content provider, torrent sites are not encouraged.

Piracy is always a legitimate thing to do. The primary thing in encouraging is sharing, downloading, accessing, which is wrongdoing. The authorities are restricting the act of exploring the pirated websites. Many laws are imploring users not to visit the website. No one is responsible for the virus download to the device an individual is using.

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