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Hands – The Treatments To Have Them Very Soft

We have not squeezed them for a long time. We do not use them to give caresses. We try not to touch what is not needed. And we wash them often, and just as often, we use sanitizing gels. All this explains why hands are easily at risk of dryness and roughness.

These are the tips of Terme Merano to take care of it intensively. Right now: this is the right time to take care of them after a long winter that, with the cold, has favoured the dryness of the skin that asks for extra pampering.

The ideal time to take care of your skin is right after a bath or shower when your hands are clean, and your cuticles softened by the heat of the water. The occasion is also perfect for taking care of the nails, pushing the cuticles down with rosewood sticks or with a classic cuticle pusher and, only if necessary, removing the excesses with a nipper.

At this point, you can complete the manicure by filing the nails gently, modelling them according to the desired shape.

Then it would help if you had a peeling that can be chosen in a version in the form of a mask, delicate and moisturizing, based on alpha-hydroxy acids such as apple acid and lactic acid: it is applied on the hands, massaging it gently and left to act for 5 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

When you are in a hurry, you can do the scrub directly in the shower: it is essential to use a very delicate scrub that does not impoverish and does not irritate. The alpha-hydroxy acid-based peeling can be alternated with a homemade scrub with sugar, honey, and lemon to be massaged gently on the back, insisting on the cuticles: let it act for a few seconds, then take it all away with warm water.

For a complete treatment, after the peeling, you can apply a concentrated formulation based on vitamins insisting on nails and cuticles to restore energy and vitality to the skin.

Applying the cream is the gesture that closes the hand care routine in beauty: it must always be applied after the scrub to restore the balance of the skin but also several times during the day to provide the essential hydration and nourishment because the epidermis is kept soft.

Please put in a more generous dose than usual. The cream can turn into a natural pack capable of intervening against stubborn dryness: it can be foreseen regularly, from one to two times a week, to compensate for the skin’s deficiencies. Especially for prolonged use of the sanitiser.

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