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Security Of Personal Data On The Internet And Cybersecurity

When we talk about the internet, many people tend to refer to it as a space where limits are not the priority for many netizens. It should be noted that recommendations, tools and techniques exist to navigate safely. But there are people who, knowing this weakness of cyberspace, take advantage of any opportunity to harm others, be they individuals or companies. This is how knowing what are the security methods of personal data on the internet is essential. Here we will explain that and its close relationship with the legislation.

For whom is the security of personal data on the Internet important?

Talking about data security in general terms refers to the measures taken to protect information. In this way, third parties are prevented from having access to them. Due to the methods that can be applied in different media: computers, networks, databases, websites, among others.

Now, for whom is it important to correctly apply the security of personal data on the Internet? In response, we must all be informed and put these tools into practice to keep our computers free of threats. On the other hand, companies in general that have or manage their content and services on the Internet are obliged to do so. Not only because there are many regulations, but also to maintain good data storage and management.

Any company that uses the internet to store, process or manage your information must comply with the principles of cybersecurity. To ensure that your information or that of third parties, including that of your clients, is in the possession of others. Which would violate people’s rights to privacy.

What criminal acts can be carried out with the private data of a person or company?

Although it is usual to talk only about how important it is to protect the information well, it is also important to expose the consequences. Because that way you have a much clearer vision of the danger of the situation. That is why we will mention some of the consequences and criminal acts that they usually do with the hijacking of information:

For individuals:

  • Identity Theft
  • Bribery
  • Robbery and kidnapping of bank accounts
  • Fraud and scams

For businesses:

  • Documents forgery
  • Information manipulation
  • Fraud and theft
  • Damage to networks, platforms and devices
  • Sabotage
  • Espionage

How can I maintain the security of personal data on the internet ?

A good start to avoid being a victim of these crimes is by applying cybersecurity measures . There are currently many places and highly qualified entities that provide a lot of information on good practices for Internet use. As is the case of Incibe, the National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain that usually shares information especially aimed at companies. Even so, we will provide you with really useful tips that will help you maintain safe browsing on the Internet:

  • Use strong passwords that are not too similar and have the right level of difficulty.
  • Be careful with the information you usually share on your social networks, since criminals use it to steal identities.
  • Do not download files and information from unreliable sites that do not have the “https”.
  • Don’t connect to unknown or unreliable public or Wi-Fi networks.
  • Avoid saving passwords and information on third-party devices or browsers, use incognito mode to avoid this error.
  • Use firewalls and antivirus.

What should companies do to protect their information from cybercriminals?

However, in the case of companies, although using these techniques is favorable, in many cases it is not enough. That is why today different companies offer solutions that are much more adapted to commercial entities. That not only guarantee the security of your information, but also its correct storage and management. Among the most recommended options are:

  • Cybersecurity tools
  • Cybersecurity strategic plan
  • Information encoding
  • Supervision of the internal networks of the company
  • Backup copies of the information
  • Restriction of worker access according to their tasks and functions
  • Encourage the correct use of networks, devices, platforms and systems by employees and users
  • Training staff in the proper use of the internet and the company’s internal platforms or networks
  • I use high performance equipment
  • Keep company systems and platforms updated

These are just some of the most recommended techniques to maintain computer security in a company.

Is legal advice on cybersecurity important?

Of course yes! and even more when we talk about companies , who must guarantee that everything must be complied with in accordance with current legislation. This is how various figures from the legal sector have recognized that they have been preparing to provide their help to the necessary entities. Since the demands of data privacy is mandatory in many nations. The European Union for its part currently has a Data Protection Regulation. It establishes those actions that all professionals and entities must respect.

Likewise, the request by professionals is also to receive correct training advice at a legal level within their professional development . Since being in the workplace they have to know how to act according to each case. Avoiding creating even more consequences that could later generate sanctions for the company.

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