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The New Cryptocurrency Trend From Crypto Browser: Opera Crypto Browser

Crypto Browser – what is that again? The boom in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. in recent years has more than clearly demonstrated the problems and accessibility of crypto and NFT exchanges and their own wallets, which represent a purse for these currencies. In our blog post we want to present Opera’s “Crypto Browser Project” and take a closer look at the functions of a crypto browser.

Crypto Browser vs Internet Browser

Internet browsers have been with us since the beginning of the Internet and have become an integral part of our everyday life, whether on the computer or mobile device .

What is a browser?

A browser is a program that sends a so-called HTTP request to the web server on which the desired website (IP or URL address that was entered) is located. The web server responds to the Internet browser’s request and sends back the content stored on the server. These can then be seen on the screen of the browser window.

The most popular web browsers are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (is no longer supported),
  • Microsoft Edge web browser,
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Google Chrome,
  • Opera,
  • Safari and
  • Brave

What is a crypto browser?

A crypto browser or a blockchain browser is a browser that uses Web 3.0 technology to support web applications such as Smart Contracts, dApp, De-Fi, among others. In addition, there is extended security through the encryption of the blockchain technology. The aim of Web 3.0 is the decentralization of data and elimination of middlemen.

The unique selling point of using blockchain technology is that data transactions in Web 3.0 do not have to be explicitly trusted. For example, a smart contract can, if certain conditions are met, replace a notary when purchasing an asset (a valuable item; a house, for example). That saves time and money.

The crypto world, which belongs to the Metaverse, is currently still difficult to grasp in everyday life. The new browsers bridge the gap between everyday Web 2.0 applications and the decentralized and emerging Web 3.0 applications by making decentralized protocols accessible to us through a familiar interface. They provide an important gateway to the decentralized ecosystem (called blockchain), with higher security and privacy than ever before.

Opera is working on the “Crypto Browser Project”, its own crypto browser!

In addition to its standard browser of the same name “Opera”, the well-known browser developer Opera has a gaming browser “Opera GX” and in the future also a crypto browser “Opera Krypto-Browser” in its portfolio. Interested users can currently try out the beta version for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Opera Crypto Browsers: The cryptocurrencies functions in a browser

The Opera Krypto browser has all the functions and properties of a standardized Internet browser and can display the content of individual websites.

There are also other features from Opera, such as free, non-logged VPN (Virtual Private Network) access, which helps you stay private while surfing. In addition, the Krypto Browser has an ad blocker that keeps hidden advertising away; as well as an integrated tracking blocker against unwanted advertising and tracking on the Internet.

Crypto Browser Wallet: Your digital wallet for cryptocurrencies

The special feature of a crypto browser, as the name suggests, are the functions related to cryptocurrencies. The Opera Crypto Browser has an integrated wallet for cryptocurrencies, which acts as a digital purse for different currencies and thus simplifies access to the different crypto and NFT exchanges; as well as support for decentralized apps. The integrated wallet allows you and other users to manage blockchain-based currencies.

This includes cryptocurrencies such as…

  • Ethereum,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Celo and
  • Nervos and many more

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