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The Dark Side Of Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday? Black Friday or Black Friday is normally celebrated on the last Friday of November. Coinciding with the day after Thanksgiving in the US. This day opens the Christmas shopping season with great discounts and promotions from many companies.

Instead, Cyber ​​Monday takes place on the Monday following Black Friday. This day is the result of the extension of Black Friday. In it we can find discounts on online purchases and technology.

The Dark side of Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have never been without debate and criticism. This is why there is talk about the dark side of black friday. One of the main reasons why they are involved in controversy is to promote a consumer lifestyle. And with it, promote purchases associated with impulsiveness and irresponsibility.

Also, during these days large amounts of waste are generated, due to the volume of purchases made. This makes the model promoted on these dates environmentally unsustainable. These types of gestures aggravate the climate crisis we are experiencing today.

On the other hand, this type of festivities encourages the creation of temporary and precarious jobs. Due to the great demand for products and services, companies reinforce their team. They do this through contracts that only extend to everything related to these dates. But, this employment that is generated is of low quality and is sometimes characterized by having abusive conditions.

Another different reason for criticizing some companies has been the gradual rise in prices prior to Black Friday, to later lower them during this day. In this way, the discounts are much less than promised in reality.

Lastly, the business model promoted by Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is unsustainable for small businesses. These are unable to make large discounts on their items without losing large benefits. In addition to not being able to offer great discounts, they are forced to compete against those companies that do.

Campaigns against the Dark side of Black Friday

Due to these criticisms, more and more brands are joining against this trend by carrying out Anti-Black Friday campaigns. Especially among companies that have their actions aligned with a sustainable mission. Some examples are brands like Patagonia, Alohas, Ecoalf or even Correos. These types of campaigns are another way of positioning and highlighting the values ​​that these brands represent and with which they want to be associated.

With Anti-Black Friday campaigns, these brands manage to differentiate themselves from their competition. In addition to appealing to the collective conscience. These campaigns are prepared in advance and in detail to capture the attention of customers. There are even brands that, in contrast, have created their own festivities such as Green Day or Giving Tuesday.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do Black Friday or not, the important thing is that your decision is consistent with the values ​​you represent. After all, celebrating Black Friday can be beneficial for your business. This day serves as a speaker to send your message.

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