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The Strategic Importance Of The Cloud In The Business Environment

When we talk about digitization we are referring to a series of steps and tasks to be carried out within the company to complete what is known as the Cloud journey , or “the journey to the Cloud.”

There are many aspects to take into account that go beyond the strict design of the solutions that will be able to migrate the workloads to the Cloud and propose solutions such as Cloud Backup or virtual desktops.

These aspects are very easily summarized in security , compliance and culture change within the company. Dealing with all this, together with the client’s own demands, is what differentiates a technical migration from the complete digital transformation of an organization.

They all revolve around the Cloud. We talked on other occasions about security and the new problems that arise with Cloud technologies; of compliance regulations and how to guarantee the privacy of sensitive data; and also of how the cultural change in the company is vital so that everything works like a well-oiled machine.

Technologies Drive Business

Today it can be said that technologies are the ones that drive business in any sector. For this reason, the Cloud (and everything related to digitization) is central to the strategy of any company.

Within the organization, there must be professionals with specific skills to work in this new environment. They do not need to be very advanced skills, but it is necessary for the worker to incorporate new routines and security protocols (for example, at the time of access, or when working remotely). It takes a very good understanding of how to comply with regulations, and it is something necessary for any employee.

How can you successfully “navigate” in today’s business environment? It is an extraordinarily complex task, but, deep down and as it was with Rome, almost all roads lead directly to the Cloud.

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