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How Jurgen Klopp Became One Of The Best Coaches In The World

He only cares about WINNING. Passion brings him to life. His determination to win is rivalled only by his madness. In just a few years Jurgen Klopp has become one of the best coaches in the world. After the Guardiola Mourinho era, How Jurgen Klopp became one of the best coaches in the world? Well, here is the answer

Less than 10 years ago, nobody knew who this former mains player was, but the whole world learned his name during his second year as Dortmund coach. German Champion, the two-time German Champion he created a young team with huge depth that seemed unstoppable. Robert lewandowski, Marco Reus, Mario Gotze ….

In the 2013 Champions League, Dortmund drew a terrible group made up of Manchester City, AFC Ajax and the Real Madrid. But the man known as THE BRAIN swept these giants aside to finish at the top of the group. He even took Borussia all the way to the Champions league final.

Although Dortmund lost to Bayern Munich the world finally took notice of the young German coach who was turning the establishment on its head. His teams were STRONGER, more SOLID, more AGGRESSIVE.

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“There is no other team in the world which attacks the same way, with so many players targeting the front. Jurgen’s philosophy is to run further, run faster and always run more than the opposition,”said pep guardiola.

How is it that Klopp’s teams push themselves further than others? How is it that this coach brings out the best in all these professional players? The answer: The Joy of Playing.

“You can’t give it your all, if you don’t feel comfortable.We’d rather hit the bar five times than be in scoring range without taking a shot.” Such is Jurgen Klopp’s vision.

Football is a game. Football is a passion and his players give him their all. Yet he remains one of the most UNDECORATED coaches in football. The 2016 English League Cup final.. LOST. The 2016 Europa League final.. LOST. Two Champions League finals in 2013 and 2018….LOST.

But the German manager faces a challenge which could make all of that disappear.

But luck didn’t favoured klopp when it comes to winning the holy grail for Liverpool. They came very very close for winning the premier league but unfortunately Manchester City were too good, Klopp revolutionised Liverpool in last 4 years but he brought the biggest prize in club football as he delivered the Champions League after 14 years.

Klopp could hand the Reds their first Premier League title the next year and for the passion of the Liverpool fans the German would become Anfield’s true saviour. “Brace Yourself Liverpool Fans You Got The Normal One At The Helm”.

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