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Tik Tok The Social Network Of The Moment

Who wasn’t happy in the afternoon to find themselves in 5 new tagged photos and 3 private messages to open from what they now call “crush”? Now we are immersed in a cloud of “ stories” and ”reels”. Even Twitter has just implemented the functionality of stories in its social network!

There is clearly a marked trend in which video becomes the main protagonist of the game, it has surpassed photography as star content and has been redirected as the leading format in terms of attracting audiences.

We simply have to observe the rise of the TikTok platform that, in a few months, managed to position itself in the TOP 1 within its market segments. It is a simple example that teaches us how important video is today if we want to reach our audience and generate content that adds value to both the client and our brand.

What is TikTok?

Tik Tok is a social network born in Asia in September 2016 and is based on a format of short videos that last up to 10 minutes . Its differential point, and which has given it so much value, is the facility to upload, create and edit videos in a very dynamic and simple way, thus allowing users to unleash their creativity in a really attractive way, which, without a doubt, gets you to stay glued to the screen.

It is its constant creation of functionalities and effects for editing, which has hooked so many users in a short time.

On the other hand, we have its “explore” panel. As soon as we enter, we can immediately view content related to the topics in which we have previously shown interest. One of the keys to its success is basically how accurate its algorithm is, since it analyzes the interests of the audience very precisely with the aim of offering them exactly what they are looking for .

Tik Tok has a brutal way of hooking content creators . Contrary to what happens on social networks like YouTube or Instagram, on Tik Tok the reach of the videos that are created is multiplied by 100 since they are shown to many users, so anyone with a good video can go viral. This, without a doubt, is a great incentive for all those people who do not dare to take the step to create content thinking that what they record will not be seen by anyone.

Tik Tok gives them a chance to shine, even if it’s for a day.

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How can Tik Tok help my company?

As you may have observed, Tik Tok is a great tool to reach a wide audience and the most important thing to keep in mind before launching into this sales channel for your brand is to know who your target is, since, having your well-defined audience, you will know what type of content to create to arouse their interest in your brand.

Next, I will show you the steps to follow so that your brand becomes the star of Tik Tok

1. Analyze if your target is a Tik Tok user

The first thing you should analyze before embarking on the adventure of creating content on Tik Tok is to find out if your target audience uses the social network regularly, since, if not, it makes no sense to invest efforts in said platform.

The data tells us that the age range of the majority of people who use this social network is between 13 and 30 years old.

It is also important that you take into account the tastes, hobbies and habits that your target audience has, because, although they may agree due to the age range, their tastes may be very far from what Tik Tok can offer. So, you know, if your target is between those ages and their consumption and entertainment habits match those offered by the platform. Why aren’t you already on Tik Tok?

2. Register your brand account on Tik Tok

Registering your account on Tik Tok is simple. You can create your user by linking Facebook or Instagram accounts that you already have created for your brand

3. Optimize your profile on Tik Tok

In this part you must take care of the home so that it does not break with the aesthetic line that you have marked for your brand. Design an attractive biography that connects with your target and define your own hashtag for your brand. Do not forget to include the link of your business website and that of your other social networks, since Tik Tok does not penalize these actions.

Once you have followed these steps, it is time to get down to business and for this, the strategic part is essential.

As in SEO positioning , Tik Tok content is also king . It is based on “ user generated content” , so your main objective should be to get the public to engage with your brand. Why? Well, because if you get an audience that feels your brand as their own, you will get that person to generate their own content related to your product/brand, sounds good right?

As you will understand, this task is not easy to achieve.

I am going to summarize in 3 simple points, what you must do in Tik Tok if you want to be successful:

  • Corporate videos have no place: Tik Tok is a dynamic, spontaneous and creative social network. Except it, nobody is interested in how cool your office is and how well done your website is, they want it to add value, that the interaction with your brand is entertaining and create a fruitful relationship between brand and user. Record it on fire, no corporate videos on Tik Tok.
  • The challenges are the 10 commandments of Tik Tok: Without a doubt, it is the strategy that works best since it greatly involves your community. To do this, many brands choose to follow an influencer marketing strategy . This type of strategy consists of a ” Tik toker ” performing an action on behalf of your company. With this you will get your audience to become part of your brand in a certain way.
  • Use hashtags: #hashtags allow you to discover and create communities around topics of common interest, be it a theme, a new concept or a campaign. It would be ideal for you to work on a hashtag of the brand, in this way you can use it in all the campaigns you do with your brand or with the influencers themselves.

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