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How Secure is my Password? – Tips and Tricks for Secure Passwords

Regardless of whether it is Facebook, Google, Instagram, Outlook, or online banking – you should protect your access to all services as best as possible. The easiest way here is to secure a password. Get tips here on how to create and manage secure passwords, what else you should pay attention to, and how thieves can crack your password. Certain systems are worth their weight in gold, and so is the right partner – please get in touch with us for further information and stay up to date with our newsletter!

Five tips for a secure password – overview

  • Your password should be at least ten characters long. Use as many letters, numbers, and special characters as possible, and also switch between upper and lower case.
  • Additionally, avoid passwords that contain information that can be easily guessed. E.g., passwords that have your birthday, your nickname, or the name of a pet.
  • Avoid using the same password for different accounts. After all, no one would think of using just one key for the front door, apartment door, safe, and bicycle lock.
  • The more random the character combinations, the more secure the password.
  • Keep password lists secret.

What else you should pay attention to

No changing your passwords regularly

The majority of Internet users still use passwords that are far too simple, even for important services. Of course, there are also Internet users who already have complex and long passwords. But here, too, there is one main rule to keep in mind. For all users, log in details should not be changed too often. If you change your password regularly, you tend to use insecure combinations that are easy to remember. However, if you suspect that a particular service you are logged into has been hacked, you should change your password immediately.

Password managers help you create and remember them

Many applications, such as Google or IOS, offer support through a password manager. You can also use a password manager, which not only helps you manage your passwords but often also includes a password generator for strong passwords.

Two-factor authentication for important accounts

Two-factor authentication protects your access in addition to the password with additional identification that you must go through. This can be done, for example, as a code via SMS, with a TAN generator, or through an app. Attention: Even with such a procedure, you should not forgo secure passwords!

Security questions provide little security

Some online service providers require you to answer a security question. Here, you usually have the choice between several security questions. Be careful not to ask about your pet or your mother’s maiden name because the answers can be easily found via social media or other sources.

Insider tip: Nobody forces you to answer security questions honestly. So, all doors are open to you here. For example, answer the question about your favorite color with your grandfather’s middle name or something similar. This makes it much more difficult for attackers. However, you should be careful not to confuse yourself.

Online tests for secure passwords? Watch out!

If you are looking for tips on how to make your password as secure as possible, you will quickly come across websites that offer to test your password for security quickly and easily online. In general, you should not reveal your passwords on third-party sites. If you still want to use this tool, make sure to change your password slightly.

Save passwords on smartphones

The option of having passwords saved directly in the apps on your smartphone and thus avoiding having to log in again is tempting but also dangerous. If your smartphone is stolen, this makes it particularly easy for thieves to gain access to your online banking or other important accounts. That’s why, on the one hand, you should save as few passwords as possible on your device. On the other hand, you should encrypt your smartphone accordingly, and not just if you use your smartphone to store passwords. You can choose an automatic screen lock, which is the most secure method for unlocking.

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