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Three Cybersecurity Basics Every Company Should Consider

You’ve done everything right if you’ve invested in your cybersecurity (solutions). But do you keep your IT structure up to date? This is the most important question you should ask yourself now. You may have invested some time ago in state-of-the-art security measures to protect your business – malware protection, a high-quality firewall, and a great data backup plan.

You were prepared for anything and protected from cyber threats – and yet you fall into a trap if you invest in your cybersecurity just once. The problem is that threats are constantly evolving. Have you kept everything up to date? Fantastic! However, it won’t hurt to take a quick look at the tips below so that you can protect yourself and your company.

Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly developing their methods. They follow the IT security industry and are always looking for new ways to steal data and make quick money at your expense.

Here, you can find out what you can do to protect yourself as best as possible in a constantly changing digital world and prevent cyber attacks.

Three things are usually enough for this.

Here we go!

Understand existing threats

Which hacker methods do you already know? It’s the typical method – breaking into your network, getting your passwords and usernames, or breaching your firewall.

Of course, this happens again and again because, unfortunately, many employees still use passwords that are too simple. Social engineering plays a much larger role for today’s hackers. Never heard? Not bad, you probably know it. In the next section, we explain what social engineering is. Basically, this method is about tricking people and finding a gap in cybersecurity.

The most common form is the phishing scam. In this method, the cybercriminal sends an email to you or your employees and hopes that someone clicks on the link or attachment. That sounds easy to uncover at first. Not at all. The emails can now look like they are from a legitimate company. The emails can mimic different companies – a local bank you work with to another company you buy from or which buys from you.

What helps? Ensure cybersecurity

Your team needs to know how to recognize a phishing email and, above all, what to do if a suspicious email sneaks into your inbox. This is the only way to prevent your employees from becoming a weak point in your security system.

Recurring security instructions, so-called awareness training, can enable you and your employees to recognize and thus prevent many attacks at an early stage.

Update, update, and update again

Very important – always be up to date. Once and never again, it doesn’t count here. Even a simple wireless router that is not regularly updated can be a security risk.

So, what should you do if the manufacturer no longer supports a router or any other piece of hardware or software? As harsh as it sounds, it simply needs to be replaced. Hardware also ages. The result is that the manufacturer is phasing out support for older technology in order to concentrate on newer products.

For many companies, the costs of new technologies are enormous at first glance. But suppose you compare the prices of new technologies with the expenses that you could incur in the event of a data breach made possible by an attack on an updated router. In that case, they suddenly no longer seem so frightening. That’s why it’s important to keep everything up to date, whether hardware, software, and, above all, your operating systems.

Invest in proactive management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure

Quick tip – be proactive! Proactive management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure ensures that software and hardware are always updated. Components are monitored, and gaps are always closed quickly. Unauthorized access to your network is prevented before it occurs. That makes a big difference. Now, you may be thinking, “How am I supposed to do all this?”

You don’t have to – and you shouldn’t. Work with an IT services company to find the best solution for you and always integrate the latest cybersecurity solutions.

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