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Vivaldi Browser 3.7 – First-time Support For Apple’s M1 Chip

When it comes to browsers, the focus is on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. But there is a lot more, including the Vivaldi browser. On March 17, 2021, the manufacturer of the same name released version 3.7, which offers two exciting innovations. Most Apple owners can look forward to an M1 chip, but everyone else should install the new update as well.

Faster than ever

Jon von Tetzchner, head of Vivaldi, has stated that performance has the highest priority. Logically, this also applies to the speed, which should keep increasing. Version 3.7 did just that, for example, tabs are now opened 100 percent faster. In concrete terms, this corresponds to a doubling compared to the predecessor (version 3.6). The start of a new window has improved by 26 percent, and Vivaldi has also been able to reduce the response time if users split tabs in different windows.

Compatible with the Apple M1 chip

Apple’s M1 chip is proving to be very efficient and is becoming more and more popular every day. This means, among other things, that the US company will continue to work on the ARM-based processor and a successor is certain. The software manufacturers must adapt their programs to the new CPU. That is exactly what Vivaldi did with version 3.7, and the result is really fast in the truest sense of the word. According to official information, users benefit from twice the speed; the comparison was carried out with Intel Macs.

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Adjustment of the context menu

A unique selling point of the Vivaldi browser is the many customization options. For a large part the main reason they use the browser. With the 3.7 edition, the use makes even more sense due to the increased performance, but a new customization option has not been omitted. More precisely, it relates to the context menu that is displayed when you right-click on a website. Among other things, it contains the buttons “Back”, “Next” and “Reload”. After the new version has been imported, the context menu can be changed; this means, for example, deleting or moving entries. A very practical matter that keeps things tidy and removes unnecessary elements. The “menu customization” can be found in the settings of the Vivaldi browser under “display”.

The Android version has not been forgotten either

There is an update not only for the PC (Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux) but also for the Android version. So far, iOS is looking down the drain, but that may change. When updating, the focus is on the user interface, which has received various improvements. For new users, there is a “friendly welcome page” and bookmarks are easier than ever to add to folders or too quick selections.

Nothing stands in the way of an installation

Anyone using the Vivaldi browser should update to version 3.7 immediately. One reason is of course security (errors and security loopholes are eliminated), but to be honest, the focus is on increased performance. Windows users will not benefit as much this time as Apple supporters, who can call their own a MacBook with an M1 chip. At the end of the day, the update is worthwhile for everyone.

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